There is a time to gather for Worship, a time to pray over an opportunity, a time to go to weekly Bible classes, even a time to reflect. However, at some point in “time”, each week or less, there is a time to perform! Performance, in a spiritual mode, is the process of gathering together our faith, our studies, our subjects of prayer, our encouragement from Worship and Bible classes, and then proceed to GO AND PERFORM EVANGELISM!

How many times have we, as the Hands and Feet of Christ, spent all of our time studying what denominations teach, what the roles within the church are, what Worship service should NOT include, and all of these practical issues with which we must come face to face at various points of our walk, yet, we never walk up to our coworker or neighbor sometime and invite them to join us for services, or better yet, encourage them with our Faith as we simply sit with them to be a listening ear to their hurts and stresses, whether they are a Christian or not, or whether we “like” them or not! It comes down to willingness to use everything we have “practiced”, and boldly APPLY IT!
What will become of the world when God’s “team” remains on the bench or in the “huddle” and never goes out to play the game as a team??? For myself, if I write and share this article, yet, I do not proceed to leave the office today, and EVANGELIZE with the Gospel, then I have done NOTHING to cause a lost sinner to turn to Christ and share in our SALVATION.

Within the excellent Book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon suggests that, within every stage of life and each day of our existence, there is an appropriate time for every action and response, because we are all human. I have come to deeply be convicted by Christ’s example and pattern of living in the Word, that shows, like Ecclesiastes explains, there is a time to teach and discuss and reason with the disciples, but then we need to GO and PERFORM what we have learned and share this with a hurting world and DO GOOD to them. ~~ by Spencer Cromwell, Windsong church of Christ, Little Rock, Arkansas

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