December 2015

December 2015 Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events******************

Tuesday, 1st

Food Pantry;

Wednesday, 2nd 

Ladies Class Cookies for Cherokee; Bible class & Devo

Thursday, 3rd

Hair Day @ the Care Center; Donna Feurbacher

Friday, 4th 

Saturday, 5th

Guy Hastings; Paula & Don Welch (’69)

Sunday, 6th                   

Monday, 7th

Tuesday, 8th               

Food Pantry;

Wednesday, 9th

Elder & Preacher’s Meeting; Visitation Team 1&2 @ 6:30 pm; Bible class & Devo;

Thursday, 10th 

Open House @ Millers 5:30-8:30

Friday, 11th

Dorothy Peterson

Saturday, 12th

Sunday, 13th    

AM preaching-Joe Winnett; PM preaching- Kirk Eason SABC; Holiday Fellowship Meal

Monday, 14th

Lee Sisco

Tuesday, 15th              

Food Pantry; Angela Arnold; Charlotte & Guy Hastings (’70)

Wednesday, 16th    

Elders & Preacher Meeting; Bible class & Devo

Thursday, 17th

Hair Day at the Hair Center

Friday, 18th

Saturday, 19th

Sunday, 20th

AM & PM preaching-Joe Winnett; Ramona & WB Stacy (’52); Linda Ortega

Monday, 21st

Tuesday, 22nd                

Food Pantry; Tina Brewer

Wednesday, 23rd

All Bible Classes Dismissed; Janet Fietz; Dolores Garrison

Thursday, 24th

Christmas Eve

Friday, 25th

Christmas Day

Saturday, 26th

Sunday, 27th   

AM & PM preaching-Joe Winnett

Monday, 28th

Bob Feuerbacher Donna & (’61); Dolores & Sam Garrison (’67)

Tuesday, 29th

Food Pantry 

Wednesday, 30th

Singing Night

Thursday, 31st

New Year’s Eve