January 2014

January 2014 Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events******************

Wednesday, 1st

Happy New Year;  Vicky & James Williams (’72)

Thursday, 2nd

Hair Day @ the Care Center;

Friday, 3rd                     

Saturday, 4th

Don Welch

Sunday, 5th                                     

AM & PM preaching-Joe Winnett; Jessica Arnold

Monday, 6th           

Tuesday, 7th            

Food Pantry

Wednesday, 8th             

Elder & Preacher’s Meeting; Ladies Bible Class

Thursday, 9th                

Friday, 10th

Bill Flanary                     

Saturday, 11th            

Sunday, 12th                    

AM & PM preaching-Joe Winnett; Ken Thuleen; Evelyn Moore

Monday, 13th

Tuesday, 14th                  

Food Pantry

Wednesday, 15th             

Ladies Bible Class

Thursday, 16th 

Hair Day & Birthday Party @ Care Center         

Friday, 17th                  

Saturday, 18th

Henry Lee 

Sunday, 19th                   

AM & PM preaching-Joe Winnett; Todd Gerald

Monday, 20th                   

Tuesday, 21st                 

Food Pantry

Wednesday, 22nd           

Hack Sexton; Ladies Bible Class

Thursday, 23rd                

Friday, 24th                 

Saturday, 25th    

Men’s Prayer and Fellowship Breakfast        

Sunday, 26th                    

AM & PM preaching-Joe Winnett; Larry Moore; Fellowship Meal

Monday, 27th   

Doris & Bob Foster (’67); Sandy & Doc McDaniel (’64)               

Tuesday, 28th              

Food Pantry

Wednesday, 29th     

Ladies Bible Class; Singing Night

Thursday, 30th

Friday, 31st

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