February 2013

February 2013 Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events******************

Friday, 1st          

Saturday, 2nd        Bill Blackstone; Charlie Jones

Sunday, 3rd            Pat DeVore; Josie Garcia; Myrtle Hazelwood

Monday, 4th          

Tuesday, 5th           Food Pantry

Wednesday, 6th    Elders & Preacher Meeting; Ladies Bible Class

Thursday, 7th         Helga Blackstone; Bob Feuerbacher; Hair Day at Care Center     

Friday, 8th               Norma & Don Bryan (’97)

Saturday, 9th          Barry Womack

Sunday, 10th           Beth Kattner; Annual Chili Cook-off; Singles Luncheon

Monday, 11th               

Tuesday, 12th           Food Pantry; Lincoln’s Birthday

Wednesday, 13th     Ladies Bible Class; Visitation Team #2 meets at 6:30 pm

Thursday, 14th        VALENTINE’S DAY     

Friday, 15th        

Saturday, 16th         Mary Smith

Sunday, 17th            Presentation of New Elders  

Monday, 18th            President’s Day   

Tuesday, 19th           Food Pantry

Wednesday, 20th    Ladies Bible Class           

Thursday, 21st         Hair Day & Birthday Party @ Care Center

Friday, 22nd             Washington’s Birthday

Saturday, 23rd        John Griffith

Sunday, 24th            February Fellowship Meal

Monday, 25th            

Tuesday, 26th           Food Pantry

Wednesday, 27th    Ladies Bible Class; Singing Night           

Thursday, 28th

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