. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6


Bill Blackstone is doing well. Oldest daughter Leslie, husband Mike and daughter Lindsey (in the Houston area) are recovering from COVID. Daughter Lea Ann in San Antonio has been sick for several days, she has tested positive for COVID. She was vaccinated. She is improved.

Norma Bryan was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is at home, now with an added challenge of cedar fever.

Myron Fietz is showing improvement with cancer issues. The numbers concerning this matter have gone down to almost half from when the problem started.

Alton Peterson is at home, somewhat better.

James Williams’ tests were negative. Vicky Williams’ friend, Joyce Edwards, is at home doing quite well.

Judy & Barry Womack: Judy’s sister, Patty Loeffler’s procedure went well. She is doing better. Wayne Ausmus, is at home, much improved. Betty Womack, Barry’s mother, though still having several health challenges, went home from the hospital . There is improvement.

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