Prayer List


. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6

Norma Bryan is doing well at home, continuing therapy.

Leana Futrell had cataract surgery on Tuesday and doing well.

 Arturo Morales, who attends Salvador San Tillan’s Bible class, has been undergoing tests for his diabetic condition. Please pray for his treatments and results.

Lynn Patterson is at home and doing well. God blessed him with a wonderful attitude as he is ready to deal with the upcoming challenges.

Ken & Thelma Thuleen’s son, Jeff Thuleen’s surgery went well, but last week’s information needs the following correction: a neuroendocrine carcinoma was removed, and an awaited pathology report will give further information.

Barry & Judy Womack’s son and wife, Wes & Kirsten, are expecting a baby within the next month. Mom and baby need to be in our prayers for health and well-being.

Continue to remember . . .

 Sandy & Doc McDaniel

 Carol Sisco

 Diane Parnell and Eva Smith, Bill Flanary’s sisters

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