Prayer List


. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6

Ken & Gail Darnell’s daughter-in-law, Susan Darnell, had a two week’s treatment for Lyme disease.

Don Hollums is recovering after shoulder replacement; it was good to see him in church Sunday. .

Salvador San Tillan had his pace-maker replaced on the February 14th at the Austin Heart hospital.

Carol Sisco is back in the Kingsland Care Center.

Ken Thuleen is recovering from his cancer related surgery. It was good to see him back in church Sunday

Don & Paula Welch’s long-time friend and fellow employee, Dick Wright, is dealing with current and previous heart issues.

Vicky Williams is recovering from surgery on her broken wrist. We are glad she was able to be at church Sunday!

 Doug Wheeler, former special missionary to Nigeria, had his first hip-surgery; he is doing well.

Jonathan Winnett had oral surgery over a week ago. He came through it well

Sharon Winnett met with the doctor to set up a date for her back surgery.

FOOD PANTRY CLIENT: Linda Jenkins, health problems

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