Prayer List


. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6b

 Bill Blackstone is dealing with strong pains due to spinal stenosis which is producing weakness in his right knee, having caused a couple of falls. He saw a pain doctor on Friday. An appointment with a bone doc. will be in June.
 Gary Crabtree’s dad, Johnny Crabtree, under hospice care, suffered a stroke on Wednesday morning.
 Guy Hastings’ lung procedure showed no cancer. More tests are coming up.
 Mildred Johnson is doing well after her cataract surgery.
 Doc McDaniel has therapy three times a week. Sandy takes good care of him.
 Larry Moore had consultations with two doctors last week.
 Paula Welch has more doctors’ consultation ahead.
 Judy Womack’s mother, Louise Johnson, had surgery. Her sister, Patty Loffler, is ill.
 Sherry Wills’s husband, Ken, had a hard fall from a ladder. He will have a very sore shoulder for a while.

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