Prayer List


. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6

Bill Blackstone had an MRI. A trial installation of a “box” and wiring to control back pain will be on Friday, July 19.

Norma Bryan had consultation on Friday with the doctor about the upcoming surgery.

Ken & Gail Darnell’s daughter-in-law, Susan Darnell, has started to take medication for her health problem.

Troy Futrell was not well last week.

Carolyn Harwell fell and broke bones on top of her left foot. She has to wear a boot on that leg.

Jan Maxwell fell and broke a leg . . . .

Doug Pearce came through surgery well.

David & Sheri Zoller’s grandson-in-law, Eddie Slape, had successful back surgery.

 Food Pantry Client: Dorina Hare, requests prayers for her son, Zakk Barr, suffering with severe stomach problems.

Continue to remember . . .

 Mary K. Flanary’s sister, Phyllis Proudy, chemo

 Sam & Dody Garrison, both on walkers, due to their individual health problems

 Lynn Patterson: it was good to see you Sunday at church!

A special prayer request: Former member, Donna Feuerbacher, informed us that Olan Hudson, the preacher of the congregation they attend in Abilene, Wiley church of Christ, was killed in a car accident on Monday, July 8th. Pray for the family, the congregation and all who knew Olan.

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