. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6


Bill Blackstone’s surgery has been postponed. The date is now September 24th.

Gary Crabtree: Earl Klein, the stepfather of his daughter-in-law, Chelsea, is very ill with COVID. He is not expected to live.

Doris Foster’s twin sister, Joyce Taylor, is at home. Home Health Care is with her and her loving husband who is an experienced care giver.

Alton Peterson is dealing with several health issues. His and Dorothy’s daughter-in law, Glenda, has weekly chemo treatments.

Linda Robertson’s shoulder surgery went well. She is recuperating well at home.

Thelma Thuleen requests prayers for sons, James and Jeff.

Joe & Teri Winnett’s grandson, Cain Winnett, is recovering from COVID. Nobody else in the family tested positive.

 Pray for all our missionaries and all our brethren in every area of the world.

 Pray for our nation, government officials and the great challenges we are facing. May sins be acknowledged with repentance, so God can bless our lives in this nation.

 Pray for those left behind in Afghanistan, the future of that nation.

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