. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6


John Brewer is suffering from Cobalt poisoning. It is caused by a metal hip implant which will have to be removed and replaced by another metal implant.

Myron & Janet Fietz’s granddaughter, Savannah McQuillan, is heaving severe health problems. Please pray for the family as they face this challenge.

Mary K. Flanary has COVID.

Mary Kattner’s daughter Cissy’s, mother-in-law, Mim Gaeloway, (in Canton, MS) had sustained two neck fractures in a fall recently. It had resulted in paralysis. After fusion surgery last Sunday, correction of paralysis was expected. Mim is suffering from breathing problems now, she has rejected being on a ventilator.

Linda Robertson’s future daughter-in-law, Dawn Vann, is suffering from a right branch bundle block. She had several tests.

Sherry Wills’ uncle, Leon, fell and is now suffering from compound fracture of his spine.

 Becky Emperado, wife of Richard Emperado, our missionaries in the Philippines, was in a hospital because of health issues, but she is now at home.

 Former elder, Charles Greenawalt, in LaVernia, has daily therapy which makes him feel weak and exhausted. He still has a few more days of therapy. He is hoping for a good report.

 Pray for the injured and those who are grieving the loss of loved ones in Uvalde and other areas in our USA.

 Pray for the Ukraine. Pray that peace will come. Pray for the churches in Nigeria, where our brethren and sisters face extreme dangers and for all our missionaries.

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