Prayer List


. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6

Wanda and Billy Christian are quarantined because of COVID-19 exposure. No symptoms as of last Sunday.

Barbara Dorner’s son, Adam, has been deployed to Afghanistan. Pray for Adam and his anxious mother!

Pauline Evans, has recovered well from the virus, according to the report from Kingsland Care Center.

Bill Flanary sister and brother-in-law, Eva & Randall Smith, in Sherman, TX., have been diagnosed with COVID-19. They are doing better

Sam Garrison has a form of palsy in his right eye. It is supposed to correct itself in time, quite long, possibly.

Henry & Mary Kattner’s friend, Angela Allred, who is only in her late 30’s, is suffering with the complications of breast cancer.

Brenda and Cary Miller’s son, David Fietz, is at home recovering from ankle surgery.

Sherry Wills’ brother, Brian Taylor, is recovering well from COVID-19. He will have a follow-up with the doctor on March 7th.

 Jace & Stephanie Winnett and children of Stephenville have tested positive for COVID-19.

Sharon Winnett’s very close friend, Lainey Garrow, is suffering with a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer and has already had a partial mastectomy in December. She has a husband and two small children.

Keep praying for our brethren in Nigeria and their difficult challenges. Pray for all of our missionaries in different places. Pray for our nation, government officials and the great challenges we are facing. An acknowledgement of God and His good and righteous provisions under His laws.

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