. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6


Janice Boatner’s daughter, Crystal Thompson, will have triple bypass surgery tomorrow, November 28th, at Hayes Seton Hospital.

John Brewer had successful carpal tunnel surgery and is doing well.

Bill Flanary had Mohs surgery on his leg.

Valerie Cook is still dealing with the blood clot in her leg.

Myron Fietz had a chemo treatment and is presently relieved from pain, Janet has to go to Killeen twice a week for breathing therapy.

Teresa Lyda is scheduled for sinus (day) surgery tomorrow morning, November 28th. Her dad, Warren Lyda, is on Hospice at home.

Kathy Patterson is improving well after heart surgery. She is presently with her daughter Amber in San Antonio. She had stayed for a few days with another daughter but her son-in-law had contracted COVID.

Linda Robertson is dealing with various health issues, as is her daughter-in-law, Dawn. Dawn’s father has severe health problems. Keep them all in your prayers.

Tommie Sledge’s oral surgery has been delayed. Pray that, whenever it will take place, it will be successful, and no additional surgery will be needed.

 Pray for Christian missionaries and workers the world over who are often in difficult settings, like our brethren in Nigeria, that they will all be faithful and a great influence on others for salvation and God’s glory.

 Pray for peace in Ukraine and for all the Christians there.

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