Prayer List


. . . pray for each other so that you may be healed.” — James 5:6b

• Bill Blackstone had a back procedure on Tuesday, October 9th. Another one will be done on Tuesday, October 16th.
• Charlotte Hastings was taken to the ER by Mary on Monday, October 8th. Pneumonia was found. She will have more tests after she has recovered from this, because she also had chest pains.
• Billy Taylor will have more surgery on Tuesday, Oct. 16th, which will be followed up by immunotherapy on October 23rd.
• Doug Wheeler is suffering with ulcerated colitis. He will have hip replacements at the beginning of next year. Keep Diane in your prayers, too, as she is the care giver.
• Vicky Williams’ sister-in-law will hopefully be at home by Christmas time. The home will be adjusted for wheel chair mobility. Her aunt, Joyce Whities, has health problems.
• David Zoller had an MRI on his back on Friday, October 12th. He will be glad to share the results with all after they are known.

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