August 2012

AUGUST 2012               Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events***************

Wednesday, 1st      Elders & Preachers Meeting; “Problem of Immaturity ” – Ken Darnell

Thursday, 2nd        Hair Day at the Care Center

Friday, 3rd

Saturday, 4th          Barbara Greenawalt

Sunday, 5th

Monday, 6th

Tuesday, 7th             Adam Garcia; Food Pantry

Wednesday, 8th     Visitation Team #1 @ 6:30 pm; “The Problem of Friends” – Joe Winnett

Thursday, 9th

Friday, 10th              Mary K. Flanary

Saturday, 11th

Sunday, 12th            Singles Luncheon; Ice Cream Social

Monday, 13th           Leana & Troy Futrell (’60)

Tuesday, 14th           Jackie Ledbetter; Food Pantry

Wednesday, 15th    “Problem of Enemies” – Charles Greenawalt

Thursday, 16th        Teri & Joe Winnett (’75); Hair Day & Birthday Party @ Care Center; Ladies Luncheon @ Mr. Gattis

Friday, 17th              

Saturday, 18th

Sunday, 19th           

Monday, 20th                

Tuesday, 21st           Food Pantry

Wednesday, 22nd  “Christian’s Everyday Problems Conclusion” by Joe Winnett;Visitation Team #2 at 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, 23rd

Friday, 24th

Saturday, 25th         Sarah Hancock

Sunday, 26th             August Fellowship Meal

Monday, 27th                  

Tuesday, 28th            Food Pantry

Wednesday, 29th      August Singing Night

Thursday, 30th

Friday, 31st                  John Brewer

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