Our Church Family History

Early in the year 1963, several Christian families living in the Kingsland area began meeting as members of a local church of Christ.  A charter was granted to the Highland Lakes church of Christ on March 30, 1963 and land was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Forest to build a building just west of downtown Kingsland, Texas on Ranch Road 1431.

In the interim, about twenty-five families worshipped in Barrow Hall, with Luther Norman serving as the minister, before moving their meeting place to the V.F.W. Hall.  In September 1964, a rock building was completed by Aubrey Hallmark of Llano, Texas.  Brother Norman continued as the minister for about two more years and was followed by Brother Darrell Debo for nearly nine years who commuted to Kingsland from Burnet.

In 1972, Melvin Brazzil and Claude Mashburn began serving as elders of the congregation meeting in Kingsland.  Other elders who joined in serving the church that same year, were J.L. Barker, J.O. Durst and Hurston Hallmark.

On August 15, 1973, Flavil Yakley, Sr., began serving the congregation as minister.  An increase in membership and an influx of many visitors to the area motivated the congregation to build a larger auditorium in 1974, while the older rock structure became an educational building.

Other ministers who have served the congregation through the years include: Tom Green, Willard Tedford, Norman Ewell, Preston Parham, Henry Allan, Michael Wyatt, and Bill Darnell.  Bill Blackstone served as the Education Minister from 2002 – 2012.   The current minister is Joe Winnett, who began serving the congregation as Pulpit Minister in 1996.  The congregation’s recent elders have included Don Bryan,  Claude Fletcher, Charles Greenawalt, Larry Moore and Kenneth Thuleen.  The current elders are Ken Darnell, Troy Futrell, Cary Miller and Joe Winnett.

The disciples of Christ, who presently form, the body of Christ meeting together as the Highland Lakes church of Christ, in Kingsland, Texas, are prayerfully thankful for those who have led and served the gospel of Christ in our community through the years.

5 Responses to History

  1. Sylvanus obi says:

    By evangelist sylvanus obi,and preacher church of christ ihioma/Atta p.o.box 1555 orlu imo state Nigeria.truely i am appreciates the works of this congregation,because they are puting much effort and interest in Gods work relentlessly.and again they were exstended their co-operation and generosity both fair and near, with this they are encouraged the yonger preachers all over the world, to work relentlessly. God bless all Brethren over there.

  2. Darrell Debo says:

    The builder of the rock building was Aubrey Hallmark, not Audrey Hallmark! Darrell Debo preached nearly 9 years, lacking about 3 months.

  3. Sylvanus Obi says:

    from Brother Sylvanus Obi,Evan/preacher.Church of Christ Atta/ihioma p.o.box 1555 orlu imo state Nigeria.i precisly continue to expressing the gratitude towards brethren at highland lakes Church of Christ.Their labours in the lord have became world wide legacy.according to the history given, for how congregation has been started its Gods own arrangment.their programes of work in the lord’s vein yard have brought all Churches of Christ together in doing the work in love and in unity.by which we are today enjoy their sponsuring programe hold in Edo state Nigeria,by the Nigeria missionary Brother Douglas Wheeler,which 8 souls were baptised under 3 days.the works there are proggress effectively.Let God give more impowerment to the highland lakes Churh of Christ.

  4. sylvanus obi says:

    Beloved Brethren,from the high land lakes Church of Christ.I.am highly appreciates your work in the lord.mostly your incouragment to the preachers in Nigeria,we cry so much on our W.B.S.programe at ukpom ubak held on 26-30th jan 2016.we are not happy retired our spiritual mentor brother Douglas.m.Wheeler,truely i will be more happy if you people should grant my request to send him back to Nigeria to finish-up his work.We brethren loved him and you people too,who sponsuring for the lords word.remain bless,yours in Christ,evangelist sylvanus obi.Church of Christ Atta in Njaba L.G.A imo state Nigeria.Thanks.

  5. Sylvanus obi says:

    always my heart allmost be happy,for the reason of fast conversion through means of evangelism,and world bible school follow-up correspondents.For the fact that a sister of my fellow members of church,her husband being a royal king of community was converted and baptised.Because of this the church established in his community,with total of 12 converts composed of members just now! at umuagu authurnomos community in ideato south L.G.A of imo state south east Nigeria.We seek for a preacher who will stay with them.My thanks goes to brethren at highland lake church of christ,for their supports,and encouragement,and also for the help of the Lord,to make this forward.Brethren should help for in prayer,so that the new congregation should stand firmly in every trials.My postal address p.o.box 1555 orlu imo state Nigeria.or you contact me through facebook-use sylvanus obi,registered with this number-08030790763.I’am brother sylvanus obi,Evangelist/Preacher,church of christ umuzike in orlu L.G.A-imo state.Thanks.

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