December 2012

December 2012 Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events******************

Saturday, 1st       

Sunday, 2nd          Holiday Fellowship Meal

Monday, 3rd          Donna Feuerbacher

Tuesday, 4th         Food Pantry

Wednesday, 5th   Ladies Bible Class; Cookies for the Cherokee Children’s Home; Guy Hastings; Don & Paula Welch; Visitation Team 2 @ 6:30 pm

Thursday, 6th        Hair Day @ Care Center 

Friday, 7th               Alice Houston

Saturday, 8th    

Sunday, 9th             Singles Buffet @ Grand Buffet Marble Falls

Monday, 10th          Holiday Open House @ Miller’s

Tuesday, 11th         Food Bank; Dorothy Peterson

Wednesday, 12th   Ladies Class; Wanda Christian

Thursday, 13th        

Friday, 14th              Lee Sisco

Saturday, 15th         Angela Renee Arnold; Charlotte & Guy Hastings

Sunday, 16th        

Monday, 17th

Tuesday, 18th           Food Pantry

Wednesday, 19th     NO Ladies Bible Class

Thursday, 20th         Hair Day & Birthday Party @ Care Center

Friday, 21st                 First Day of Winter

Saturday, 22nd         Tina Brewer

Sunday, 23rd              Janet Fietz; Dolores Garrison

Monday, 24th              Food Pantry

Tuesday, 25th             Christmas Day

Wednesday, 26th       No Ladies Bible Class; Christina & Fred Pipes; December Singing Night

Thursday, 27th    

Friday, 28th                Donna & Bob Feuerbacher; Dolores & Sam Garrison

Saturday, 29th

Sunday, 30th

Monday, 31st               Food Pantry

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