God is a giver.

Better yet, God is the giver.

And when God gives, He goes all out. He doesn’t give a little of what He’s able to. He doesn’t give only some of what He’s willing to. No, when God decides to give, He goes big, because He is the giver.

From the beginning of life to eternal life, God is the giver.

In 1 Timothy 6:13, Paul refers to God as the one who “gives life to all things.” He could and can, because He’s the giver.

Romans 6:23 declares that God has made available the free gift of eternal life. He did and has, because He is the giver.

Since the universe was spoken into existence, no one has given more than God.

And when the world comes to an end, no one will have given more than God.

God gives generously, graciously, mercifully, abundantly, completely, compassionately, consistently, and willingly.

Because God is the giver, He can and does shower us with “every good and perfect gift”

(James 1:17).

Because God is the giver, He can and does supply every need of ours (Philippians 4:19).

And, in order to meet the world’s greatest need—the need for a savior—the giver gave not just a piece, not a portion, not a section, not a sliver of the greatest gift ever given, but He gave all of His Son (John 3:16). He went big, because He is the giver.

In Hebrews 10:12, Christ is referred to as the “single sacrifice for sins.” God didn’t just give His Son, He sacrificed His Son. A sacrifice, by nature, is not an easy thing to give. And yet God, being the giver, went all out and gave all to us and for us.

As we contemplate, plan, and commit to how much we’re going to give back in 2018, let us consider what we’ve generously been given by God, the giver.

Troy Albers – Rosenberg, Texas

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