The Thuleen family thanks the congregation here for the prayers and phone calls on Jeff’s behalf. Jeff is recovering quite well and, from all appearances, the surgery was very successful. He is now back at his home.   Thanks again, Ken & Thelma


Patrick Harvill, the brother of Teri Winnett, placed membership with our congregation last Sunday, January 7th. We welcome him and hope that his life will be blessed as a member of our brotherhood.  Please add his information to your directory , it is available from the church office.


Needs Deodorant.  Thank you for your support of this ministry!


The Highland Lakes church of Christ has begun a search for additional elders.  We request that the membership “look out” among yourselves for qualified men you believe would be the leaders we need. There will be a box at the rear of the auditorium for written submissions, or you can just call one of the present elders to make a verbal nomination. Please pray that God will guide us to the men we need!

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

Greetings Highland Lakes Brethren,

Our lives are so blessed with some of the most amazing people. Thank you for being an important part of our story, a part of our journey. You have blessed us richly this year with your prayers, love, encouragements and support. We praise God for you!!!

We want to give you a quick recap up through the end of 2017 and our vision moving forward. From our first visit to Cambodia in 2006, through teaching at the Bible school, operating the SNACK Program and church planting, to new and diverse works prepared by God, our mission to Cambodia continues to evolve, yet ever stay the same—build faith. During our last furlough we shared with you our vision to move to a neighborhood within the city and begin making disciples who knew how to make other disciples. We praise God that this neighborhood is now blessed with Cambodians discipling Cambodians and several churches including the one that still meets in our home. What will God do in this neighborhood in 2018?

This past year has seen our increased involvement in other work too, especially ministry to the church in Cambodia. Dennis is very active in a mobile prayer, encouragement and teaching ministry to the more remote, spiritually darker places of Cambodia via a dirt bike. This has also provided access to the graduates of the Bible school who have moved to remote locations. Sharon is busy in ministry to our girls (all great evangelists), the gals in the church and with the Orality Network of Cambodia, a key component for the spread of the gospel. We are hesitant to say much about “our plans” for 2018 because God is busy here among us. We look back over the years and see that the Lord keeps working on us, in us, among us and through us. We had no idea we would be where we are. So, for 2018 where will God lead us? With what new struggles will he challenge us? Where will He display His power, love and light? We patiently stand ready while remaining committed to building faith.

Brethren, we continually praise God for the church that meets in Kingsland. You brethren encourage us by your light, love and good works in the surrounding community and to far flung places like Asia. We beg you to continue praying for Cambodia—that all might have an opportunity to hear the good news, turn and be healed. Please pray for us too. Thank you very much for your financial support throughout 2017. Our prayer is that you will continue your $400/mo. support through all of 2018 also. A quick confirmation note would be an encouragement to us. Thanks!

thumbnail (2)We hope to firm up plans and purchase tickets soon for a furlough to the States in 2018. It could be that we arrive in June, or as early as the end of April because Dennis hopes to carry out another short-term mission to Papua New Guinea in June and July. We would like to be in Bangkok, Thailand for the annual Asian Mission Forum at the beginning of August. We’re praying and planning.

We pray this Holiday Season and the New Year is filled with joy, peace and God’s richest blessings for you and your family. Thank you again and please keep on praying!!!

Grace, Peace, Love & Blessings,  Dennis and Sharon

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