habitat-for-humanity-raisingOn July 21, 1983, 288 construction workers were waiting for the sound of the gun that would mark the beginning of construction on a house in Palmer, Alaska.

They were going to be timed to see how fast they could build a house. They were encouraged by a crowd of 6,000 spectators and a country band. The record they set was incredible. In just 3 hours, 53 minutes, and 59.49 seconds the lucky couple, Rocky and Pat Weldon of Anchorage, stood on the steps of their brand new house.

To top things off, a furniture company then furnished the house in less than four minutes.

“Instant houses” are possible, but not instant homes. Homes take time to build. They are not built out of brick and mortar, but out of love, hope, patience, and trust. There will be no band playing, no crowd of spectators to watch, not much fanfare. It takes perseverance and commitment. There is never a time when you can sit down and say, “It’s finished.” there is always need for consideration, tenderness, and thoughtfulness.

But there is a real joy that comes from the building. Seeing your children grow up into fine Christians is a great thrill. Watching your mate mature and grow is exciting. With love as the foundation and a Christian home as your goal— building can be life’s greatest pleasure. — Dick Mercear

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