Holiday Schedule

Since Christmas day is on a Sunday, we will have morning worship services only. There will be no morning classes or evening worship. Many of our members will be traveling or have company in for the holiday, and the elders made this decision so we will have time with our families.

Holiday Request

Bob and Donna Feuerbacher’s son-in-law, Bill Starling, is in Afghanistan. His wife requested that we write cards and bring them to Donna so she can mail them to him. Cards need to be here by December 15th.

What a wonderful way to encourage a man who is serving our country to keep us all safe.

Helping Hands Pantry News


*We have enough plastic bags for now, but please keep saving them. They will be needed again soon.”


To all in this loving church family:

These last, almost six months, have been a very unexpected prolonged, promised “six weeks” that would include a complicated knee surgery and anticipated “rapid” recovery!!! Unfortunately a number of unforeseen complications and side effects came up and extended what had been hoped for. It was not easy to deal with everything in a patient way, but God’s grace led me through.

Both Bill and I want to thank everybody for their prayers, cards, phone calls, visits and many other kind and gracious things that were done for us and got us through this difficult time.

My special thanks to Paula, who was so willing to immediately help out with the secretarial work, and when her physical problems became too difficult, Teri “jumped into the breach”! I will always be grateful for her extensive computer knowledge and her help to “install” me again and introduce me to the changes that were made during my “off time”. A great big “thank you” to both of you, Paula and Teri!!!

Prayers all still welcome, because healing and recovery is still going on! But every day is better and closer to the goal!  We love you with the love of the Lord,  Helga & Bill Blackstone

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

Much great news from Cambodia! This is part one of Dennis and Sharon’s latest report. Keep the Welches in your prayers and thank God for His blessing the work there. For the elders, Ken D.


Greetings in the glorious name, power and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are grateful for each of you and thank you for your partnership in the gospel. May God be glorified and the Kingdom proclaimed everywhere through our ministries.

As we reported last time, after about 50 years Sharon has found all of her birth siblings. She made a trip to the States and met each of them—one in California, two in Texas and one in Tennessee. She was also blessed with the opportunity to see family and friends. Sharon has quite a story to tell about God moving and working through every step. Many have insisted she needs to write a book about this amazing story of discovery, redemption, restoration, healing and shepherding.

While Sharon was in States Dennis continued the ministry. He continued the regular meetings with the other couples who are working towards disciple-making. He also continued his weekly meeting with a few Khmer men who are interested in Kingdom growth and are investing their free time to join God’s mission to save all. Dennis’ relationship with our daughters grew even stronger as he parented them while Ma was ministering to her family.

Dennis is delighted to have completed all facets of both coaching training programs and is now accumulating coaching hours toward international certification. He has coached a few of you already and rejoices at how God is working in us for forward movement.

After concluding the nutrition program there were a few left-overs. The overseers of the program suggested we donate some of those things to other efforts that serve young people and children. Peace International School, another work supported by Central was delighted to receive these blessings.

When we first arrived in Cambodia we got lonely. We missed you. We missed English worship. So, we started a devo/singing night at our house which lasted a couple of years until we got more settled in. Now, others have come behind us with the same kind of feeling. Therefore, they started up a monthly gathering for English singing and fellowship.

There are brethren from abroad who come for a visit to Cambodia. Sometimes they come to encourage and bless. Over time we have increasingly been called upon as consultants to give advice from our training and experiences like when Dennis recently met with guys from Singapore who want to start a school. We are so blessed to receive visitors. When are you coming?

Love & blessings, Dennis & Sharon

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