Thank You Notes

  • Teri and I would like to thank the congregation for the very thoughtful card and “tree” we were given at the Holiday Fellowship. It continues to be a special joy to serve with the family of God at Highland Lakes. — Joe & Teri
  • Thank you so very much for the envelope and the card inside with contents! Your thoughtfulness is so very much appreciated. — Helga
  • Thank you for the money. I appreciate the church family very much. — Love, Vicky

Holiday Schedule

Since Christmas day is on a Sunday, we will have morning worship services only. There will be no morning classes or evening worship.  Many of our members will be traveling or have company in for the holiday, and the elders made this decision so we will have time with our families.

Helping Hands Pantry News


*We have enough plastic bags for now, but please keep saving them. They will be needed again soon.”

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

More great news from Cambodia! This is part two of Dennis and Sharon’s latest report. Keep the Welches in your prayers and thank God for His blessing the work there. For the elders, Ken D

After nearly six weeks away Sharon was received at the airport by Dennis, daughters and dear friends with much joy.

Early November, right on the heels of Sharon’s return to Cambodia we completed our 4 weekend conference called Refocusing Leaders Network which culminated with writing an Intentional Development Plan for 2017. Ours focused heavily on disciple-making and using coaching skills for discipleship. This conference was offered at just the right time for us as we’ve been transitioning from “program” based works to “relationship” based ministry.

Adding to the excitement of Sharon’s return, she had a terrific birthday celebration of fishing and a picnic with our daughters. We capped it off with dinner and a movie.

Next up was a personal retreat so that Sharon could really be refreshed and restored from her experiences in the States. Can you imagine what it must be like for these siblings? Finding someone precious, but lost to you for 50 years—oh what joy! And even more so when you hug for the first time! Then, a few days later you are ripped apart from them as you return to whatever, wherever! Can you image the emotional toll as you listen to stories from the past, not all of them with rosy endings. So, we had a peaceful, simple little getaway that helped Sharon mind the doctor’s orders and rest.

dennis-sharonOur retreat took place during the annual Water Festival holiday. Google it to find out more.  Please know that although it appears like a fun river boat racing holiday, there are darker spiritual meanings attached to it too. We long for all of Cambodia to be set free of the oppression, fear and darkness prevalent around us. Our mission so far from home is helped by having wonderful relationships with the other missionaries here. Thanks to a large donation by a couple who are stateside, every year we all get together to share fellowship and a holiday meal. Thankful for all who made it happen.

Stay tuned next time for news about moving into our new community and beginning relationships with the neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

Love & blessings, Dennis & Sharon

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