DVD3We have some new DVD’s that have been added to the church library. These DVD’s are available for members to borrow and view at their convenience. Below is a listing of the titles and a short description of each:

BUILDING GREAT KIDS — Practical advice for Christian parents.

HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE CHRISTIAN RESPONSE — Discussion of the Biblical view of homosexuality.

ISLAM, THE QURAN & CHRISTIANITY — A study of the origins of Islam and an examination of its claim.

BUSCANDO LA VERDAD (Spanish) — An evangelistic study that explains how to become a Christian.

THE SILENCING OF GOD — A study of the culture war going on in America that seeks to destroy our Christian heritage.

IS THE BIBLE RELIABLE? — An examination of the claim that the Bible is wrong and unreliable.

IS THE BIBLE FROM GOD? — An examination of the inspiration and reliability of the Bible.

BEHOLD! THE LAMB OF GOD — A study of the historical and divine nature of Jesus Christ.

TRUTH BE TOLD — A refutation of the claims of evolution.

AMERICA’S MOST PRESSING CONCERN — An examination of what the founding fathers actually said about God and the American nation.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHURCHES? — A study of the true church that Christ established.

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