If I were to try think of a word that best describes God, I suppose it would be AWESOME. Not in the trivial way it is sometimes used but in moments of quiet deliberation when I contemplate His Word, His purpose, and His ways which inspire awe. Throughout the course of my life, I have read things in His Word, abided by them, and watched them come to fruition. I have also read things, rebelled against them, and suffered because of that.

In the lives of men, there are at least two dynamics known to have established themselves firmly. One is to profess an association with Christ while at the same time maintaining a general disdain to all things related to church. The other is to profess an acknowledgment of the church as the body without putting into practice the precepts which would greatly enhance our lives. In the case of the first dynamic, it is impossible to separate a love for Christ and the church He died for, Ephesians 5:25. To hold an unhealthy attitude toward the church is to, at least, withhold our service and, at most, to become an enemy of Christ Himself, Acts 9:4-5.

In the case of the second dynamic, the wonder of God is especially visible. Many times, unfortunately, the Christian life through God’s Word, is reduced to a list of do’s and don’ts. The love in our lives that is to be enhanced and directed toward God and man is seen as mere compliance, in order to be pleasing to God and with this avoid His wrath. Lost along the way is the vast storehouse of wealth which is seldom found by those who cannot see the blessings which can be attained by us, if we follow these commandments. Any person who loves both God and his fellow man, Exodus 20 and Matthew 22:37-40, need not worry about the pitfalls of drugs, alcohol, food, spousal abuse and adultery. Those do not abide where God is. Depression and anxiety cannot vex a soul that is comforted by the Savior’s love.

While it is true that the words of God produce a person who is in all ways amiable to society, the greater benefit is found in what it does for us. Faith keeps us faithful. Love keeps us loving. The conclusion is: this church stuff really works! — from an article by Tim Turpin, Ware Branch church of Christ,  Harrison, TN

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