We were saddened to hear that former member Dollene Pearson’s son-in-law, Jeff Smith of Midland, passed away on Friday, October 18th. Services were held on Wednesday, October 23rd at First Baptist Church in Midland. Interment took place in Kermit, Texas. Dollene asks for prayers for daughter Zotene and family. Pray for Dollene, too, she loved this good son-in-law very much.


“I would like to thank everyone for the money and beautiful cards giving to me for my retirement. Also, thanks for the cards, calls, prayers, before, during and after my knee surgery. Thanks to the ladies for the delicious food that was brought to me and James, and also the beautiful flowers, pot plant and arrangement given to me. Most of all, thanks to my husband who has been nurse and helper.” I love you, Vicky Williams


Needs – Plastic bags, tooth brushes, shampoo, bath soap. Thank you!


Please join us . . .this Sunday, October 27th! Hosts and hostesses: John & Tina Brewer, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and Don & Paula Welch. No PM Service tonight.


Our next ―Soup Luncheon will be Wednesday, October 30th, from 11:30 AM — to 12:30 PM.


The Elders are beginning their work planning for our 2020 budget. We encourage deacons, ministry leaders and members to share their budgetary concerns with the elders as soon as possible. Please pray for this budget work so that our congregation will have a very successful 2020!



This year our congregation is also helping support Madison Stone, a granddaughter of Troy and Leana Futrell. Madison is part of a mission to Zambia, in Southern Africa, with Christian Health Service. What follows is from Madison as she describes her call to the mission field. Please keep her and this effort in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Called to Missions

I believe that you can be involved in the mission of God anywhere you are. We have all been blessed with different gifts and abilities that we need to use to further the kingdom. Even before my first trip to Africa, that is where I felt pulled. In 2015, I attended a conference hosted by Harding University called the Global Missions Experience. Among the speakers was Dr. Kent Brantly. He asked the students attending, “If those who want to go don’t, then who will?” That charge has resonated with me to this day.

While at Harding, I had the opportunity to visit Rwanda with Africa Reads. It was a chance for me to share God’s love while also teaching English to third and fourth graders. In the summer of 2018, I traveled with a group from my church to volunteer at Neema Village in Tanzania. These short-term missions solidified my desire to return on a more permanent basis and to serve God through working with children.

In 2017, I graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor in Education and have taught Kindergarten in Texas for the past two years. While it was not my specific plan to go now, God opened the door for me to return to Africa. I will be joining a team of two doctors and their families. This will allow me to continue teaching while also serving the people of Zambia. I am excited to combine my love for teaching with sharing the good news of the gospel. There is a lot of uncertainty right now about our initial departure timeline but I have faith that God will be with me through this season as he has in the past. I am thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to what is ahead. – Madison

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In your Bible reading, do you ever come across something that doesn’t fit into your theology? The margins of my daily reading Bible are full of my comments, references, and a few question marks. The question marks mean that I don’t know God as well as I need to. They say, “Your theology (understanding of God) is too small.” I wonder if we too often pick and choose passages to support our idea of how we want God to be…and ignore others.
One of the passages that became popular (used as a basis of articles, books, and sermons) is Jeremiah 29:11, ”‟For I know the plans I have for you‟ declares the Lord; „plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.‟”
The same God gave this message to the prophet (Jeremiah 21:10), “I have determined to do this city (its inhabitants) harm and not good, declares the Lord …”
In the New Testament we find “God is love” and we also find “our God is a consuming fire.” Now which one is it? Do I base my theology on one and ignore the other?
Most people do. And they have an idol — their own tailor-made god. Of course, the correct answer is “It’s neither one; it’s both.” God has two primary characteristics: love and righteousness. One accounts for God’s goodness — kindness, mercy and grace toward man and the other, His severity — justice, vengeance and punishment.
The same God that sent the flood to destroy mankind sent His Son to save mankind. The cross demonstrates both His love and His righteousness. It’s no small matter to have an inaccurate understanding of God. It all begins right here: “You shall have no other gods before me” (Ex. 20:3). No other god. Not one you create with your hands, nor one you create with your mind. – Ken Stegall Woodland Oaks church of Christ, The Woodlands, TX

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Many Activities on October 23
On the calendar, you may have noticed that on that day, Wednesday, there will take place:
 The Elders’ Meeting at 9 AM
 The Ladies Class at 10 AM
 The Soup Fellowship, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
 The Visitation Team will meet at 6:30 PM in the library.
 And regular Bible study at 7 PM

. . . next Sunday, October 27TH
Hosts and hostesses: John & Tina Brewer, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and Don & Paula Welch.



Former members Larry & Evelyn Moore celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary October 12th in Lubbock. We rejoice with them and pray God’s continued blessings on them.

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The apostle Peter, in the early part of his second letter, gives emphasis to the importance of Christians being diligent in the development of spiritual qualities. How diligent did he want them to be? He urges, “…giving all diligence…” (2 Pet. 1:5). Later, he adds, “…be even more diligent…” (2 Pet. 1:12).

Since Peter wanted these saints to be diligent, he also knew the need for him to be certain he did not neglect his duty to call their attention to such important matters. He recognized he would have been negligent if he failed to remind them and if he did not do it “always” (1:12).

It is interesting that the words “diligent” and “negligent” are found in the same context. They are poles apart in meaning. One (diligent) signifies an earnestness, carefulness, a zeal to accomplish. The other (negligent) means to be careless, not to care.

Yet, this passage provides an interesting connection. Peter encouraged diligence on the part of his readers. He did not want to neglect his responsibility toward them. In order to fully reach the goal of spiritual development, Peter needed to be diligent in reminding them of the effort needed to produce virtue from faith, leading to knowledge, self-control, etc. Should he not be diligent in reminding them, they could easily neglect what would make “their call and election sure” (10). Both Peter and his readers needed to be diligent. Neither would benefit from neglect.
Several questions could be asked in regard to these two words. Which is easier, diligence or neglect? Not a difficult answer for sure. Which produces the right results? A no-brainer.

These questions may be more challenging: How diligent are we? Is there a carefulness about spiritual matters that expresses itself in persistent effort? How negligent are we? Do others see in us a careless attitude toward spiritual matters?
Let’s be diligent not to be negligent. – Allen Hahn Via Graeber Road church of Christ Rosenberg, TX

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On the calendar, you may have noticed that on that day there will take place:
 The Elders’ Meeting at 9 AM
 The Ladies Class at 10 AM
 The Soup Fellowship, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
 The Visitation Team will meet at 6:30 PM in the library
 Evening Assembly Video Bible Study at 7:00 PM


Janice Boatner placed membership with us last Wednesday evening. Her former church home was the Hyde Park congregation in Austin. Janice asks to be restored and be prayed for. This we will do, Janice! We welcome you and trust that we will be of mutual encouragement in our working and walking together for our Lord Jesus Christ. Please add to your directory her information which is available from the bulletin or from the church office.


Needs Shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Thank you!



This fall our congregation began helping support a new student in the Sunset School of Preaching in Lubbock, Tyler Meredith. Tyler has just finished his two year Adventures in Missions service in a college ministry in Commerce, TX. Tyler is from Ohio and in addition to training for ministry he is also serving as an AIM assistant helping the current AIMers in their preparation for service. This is part of Tyler’s latest reports. Please keep Tyler in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Tyler (far left) with part of the Adventures in Missions group at Sunset International Bible Institute

Hello everyone! It’s newsletter time! I hope you all enjoy reading about the awesome journey God is taking me on! Thank you all so much and God bless. This has truly been an adventure. As many of you may know I have started school as well as beginning my time as an AIM assistant. There are so many amazing things I have gotten to do, and many more to come. I started all of my classes as well as started some cool ministry stuff with the AIM students!

I started my work as an AIM assistant. When new AIMers are preparing to come to Lubbock the staff has to get everything ready for them to have as smooth of a transition as possible. So we had to go into the AIM apartments and clean them really nice. When all of the AIM apartments were clean and ready to go we had a small retreat to spend some time together and get some much needed relaxation. We had the opportunity to just relax and spend some time with old friends. There are many new AIM assistants this year so I also got to know them a little better as well. We spent some time singing together and some small devotionals.

The next week the AIMers arrived in town and we greeted them and showed them some of the many things they need to know.  Once they were all here we went on a trip to a congregation in Clovis, New Mexico that is closely associated with AIM. We did a flag presentation as well as serve and praise with them on Sunday. We also got to go with them to the fairgrounds and sing for about an hour with the speakers playing some amazing praise through the fairgrounds. After this we made a stop on the way home to see some of the believers in Amherst, Texas. We sang and fellowshipped with them as well.

In the midst of all of this, I started my classes in the Bible Program at Sunset. My classes this term are the Life Teachings of Jesus, Old Testament History 1, Introduction to Ministry Studies, and A Preaching Lab. Most of the classes I am taking right now are really basic classes.  They are set to begin at a somewhat easier pace. Although they are  simpler classes they are still very deep, digging into some of the very crucial teaching of the books we are in.

Thank you all so much for giving me this chance to study and love on those around me! God has truly been blessing me and giving me a chance to bless others with this opportunity. Thank you all so much for the love and kindness you have given me!

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Everyone knows the first five words of the 23rd Psalm: ―The Lord is my Shepherd… These words not only introduce the Psalm and the God of the Psalm, but are actually powerful words that reveal our relationship with Him. Notice, for example:
The – This reveals that Jehovah God is the only God. He is not merely a god – He is THE God. He is not one of many – He is the One and only! We should, like Paul, always profess, “yet for us there is one God” (1 Corinthians 8:6).
Lord – This shows that God is the Lord – our master. A Lord is one who has rule over your life. If He is our Lord then He is first in everything. As Peter suggests, let us “sanctify the Lord God in your hearts‖ (1 Peter 3:15).
Is – This present tense word shows that God lives. He was, and is, and always will be. God is just as alive today as when David wrote this Psalm. Let us indeed be convinced of what God thundered forth in Malachi 4:6, “For I am the Lord, I do not change.”
My – God is not an abstract power – He is not an aloof entity. He wants to be our personal God. He wants a relationship with us. It is imperative that we become as close to Him as possible. Let us, like Thomas, proudly proclaim, “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28).
Shepherd – A good shepherd is one who lovingly cares for, feeds, guides, and protects the sheepfold. This is what God does for us if we stay faithful to Him. We can be at peace if we fully trust in Him and obey His will. And we should, like the Psalmist, express joy all day long for Him: “So we, Your people and sheep of Your pasture, will give You thanks forever; we will show forth Your praise to all generations” (Psalm 79:13).
Is the Lord God truly your Shepherd? If so, you have nothing to fear. . . read the rest of Psalm 23 for this assurance. – Edd Sterchi, Campbellsville, KY

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Thank you so much for your partnership and support! Your initial support allowed me to attend two trainings that helped prepare me for living in my new host country. I ask for your prayers as we begin the work in Zambia. Blessings, Madison Stone


Needs – Shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Thank you!


Today, in the absence of our preacher Joe Winnett, who is on vacation, Ken Darnell, one of our elders, will fill the pulpit.


Those who enjoy eating out together will meet on Thursday, October 10th, (5:00/5:30 PM) at the ―Grand Central restaurant in Kingsland. The sign-up sheet is on the table in the back of the auditorium.


Adventures in Missions (AIM)


This year, our congregation is supporting two young people in the Adventures in Missions program of Sunset International Bible Institute. We have long made an effort to help support children and grandchildren of members in evangelical efforts. Both of these are grandchildren of members, Danny and Nancy Hankins. Devin Hankins is just beginning his Mission field experience in Joao Pessoa, Brazil while his younger sister Kaylee Hankins is beginning her Bible & Mission Training and Team Building at Sunset in Lubbock. You may wonder what is AIM? What follows is a brief introduction to it. Please keep Devin, Kaylee and the AIM program in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D.

Adventures in Missions is a chance to make a difference in the world. As part of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX, AIM is an apprentice missions program for college-age young people. Adventures in Missions is a focused effort by and for Christian young men and women to work together to strengthen the church and bring the lost to Christ.

“AIM time” is divided into three levels of learning: AIM begins with the Bible, the one book that explains to us how to be different. They not only study God’s word but also learn how to teach its good news to others. In the end, AIM students are apprentice missionaries learning, growing and serving on mission fields around the world.

AIM is a minimum two year commitment to study and grow and then to go teach and serve. Those who have taken the challenge of being AIM students have seen God transform their lives for him. Often times AIM students return from the mission field with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of how they fit within the story of God’s salvation for humanity. Thus, an AIM experience can be “life changing.”

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