“Thanks to everyone for the food, phone calls and get well wishes. Everything was greatly appreciated. Hope to be back with you soon.” In Christian love, Linda Lively

“Thank you for all the prayers. Everything went well and I’m so very thankful.”

Tommie Sledge

Spiritual Gifts Class

I want to thank everyone who participated in our Wednesday PM Bible class over the last several months. I pray your awareness of God’s gifts in your life has been heightened and that you will be more willing to use them to God’s glory and to further the work of His church. If I can help you in any way to complete your class material or get you any part you might have missed, just ask, I would still like to hear from you about your gifts. Thanks again, Ken D


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

One of the AIM Students on Field Team Alaska that we help support is Emily Serrano. This is parts of her most recent communications with us. Please continue praying for all three of the AIMers that we currently help support. For the elders, Ken D

It’s Emily Serrano, I’m so grateful to have your support through my time here in Alaska as a missionary apprentice! I’m excited to share with you my last newsletters! These last two months have been very eventful and am excited for you all to hear about them. Thank you again for all the support! I would not be here if it weren’t for y’all! I continue to pray for y’all! Sincerely, Emily

Photo by Emily Serrano (in center/black sweater)

Visiting Valdez

At the beginning of the month we made a trip to Valdez. We visited the congregation and had the opportunity to make connections with the members there. Miss Ruth had us over for dinner Saturday night and we had buffalo burgers. It was really encouraging listening to her story. She had worked as a teacher for the school district here in Alaska and had the opportunity to live in different parts of the state. We also had the opportunity of meeting Lon. He works at the telephone company in Valdez. He also helps out every year with an Airshow they do in Valdez. Lon and Ruth are the only ones attending the church. It’s been like that for a while, they meet up every Sunday and watch services from the Valley Church of Christ. Valdez is a small port town. A lot of people move in and out so it’s harder to grow the church. Although it’s only Lon and Ruth attending church, they refuse to stop meeting every Sunday at the Church building.

How I’ve Been

Since being here in Alaska I think this has been the month where I’ve felt most stretched and molded by God. I’m over the honeymoon phase. I’m finding my place and rooting myself. I’ve been learning my purpose and understanding that yes, God is working through me. He is using me to bless those around me, but he is also working in me. This month has been really eye opening on how, although this might be my field time in the AIM program, it doesn’t mean that it’s about me. It’s been challenging being okay with being uncomfortable, learning how to work with my teammates and realizing that my home is in Alaska right now.

I miss Mexico, I miss the culture and my family, but I’m here to glorify God and Alaska is where He put me to do so.

Personal Ministries

As I wrote before, I’ve been starting some personal ministries. I’ve been more intentional with the teen girls at church and been praying for them. I tend to text them once a week and ask them if there is anything specific, I can pray for that week. I’ve been praying about starting a devo night for them. I’m still putting the details together but for now my focus has been on praying for them and the opportunity. I have also been intentional with going to their sports events, it’s been really fun cheering them on! We, as a team, have been visiting the widows from church. Cindy and Linda are two widows that live together. They are so sweet! We’ve gone over and visited with them a couple times now. Last time we went we had breakfast with them, read scriptures together and sang. They are encouraging! I will be helping with Wednesday night Bible class this winter quarter! I’m so excited! I don’t have all the details but I know that it will be fruitful!

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