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Sometimes when we go through tough stretches (often made by our own hands!), we procrastinate about turning to God. We think that because we make dumb decisions that we must always figure out a way on our own. God would help us if we would tum to Him. At least if we turned to Him, we would be more likely to hold ourselves more accountable and stop making unwise decisions.

Matthew 7:7 tells us to seek and ask God and He will answer. He doesn’t always answer in the way we expect, but we can be confident that His answer is always right! Having complete faith in God and trusting Him goes a long way in bringing comfort and stability to our lives.

We’ve programmed ourselves into believing we can and must be able to overcome all adversities without any help. That is so far from the truth and gives no place for our Lord. If we could solve all problems, then Jesus died for nothing. Man could never solve his sin problem because he (we) is (are) so weak. If we couldn’t solve our sin problems, why would we think we have the solution to all of our other problems?

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that we just pray to God and stand back and be a spectator! We must be part of any solution. We do what we can and ask God to please make up the difference. Philippians 4:13 tells us that we can do all things, but it reminds us that we have divine power on our side to make things work. I’m not speaking of miracles, but God’s help. I can’t know when and how exactly God helps, if I did that would constitute a miracle. But I can know that God is with me and is doing things that I can’t see or feel that are in my favor.

It all comes down to allowing God in our lives and lending His almighty hands to our problems . We must have faith and trust in Him. Have you ever had a friend or loved one tell you, “Let me handle it?” Give it to God sometimes, let Him handle it!

Chris Moore Clarendon, church of Christ, Clarendon, TX

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