(EEM) is hosting a benefit event in Round Rock on Saturday evening, March 7th at 7:00 PM. More information and a sign-up list is posted on the Mission bulletin board. If several members desire to attend, a car pool is possible.

Needs – Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo
Thank you!

Last Sunday, February 23rd, Jason Guzman placed membership with us at Highland Lakes. Jason has been visiting with us for quite a while and we are so happy that he has decided to be with us as we worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ together, and fellowship with each other. Please add his information to your directory. It is available from the church office or the bulletin.



Nigerian preacher Mike Udam shared a story of the power of God’s Word to save. Let us be reminded to pray that the Lord’s word will be spread everywhere and influence the lost to be saved. For the elders, Ken D

Tom Onah and Emeka Okenwa, both evangelists and members of Ogoja WBS team met a pastor of a denomination who is leading a “church” near their area. They engaged him in a Bible study for a period of a month and then brought him to meet with me in the early part of November last year. I added my own voice and made him partake in all our programs. After listening to the lectures during our last Lectureship in November, the couples retreat in December and the Leadership seminar in January where Chad Wagner spoke about Growing the church through Sound Doctrine, he quietly whispered to me that he has seen the truth. His only worry was the need to be baptized “again” after having two earlier “baptisms”.

We kept on discussing and I gave him support to attend the WBS Great Workshop in Abuja as the Director. At the end of the workshop, he was convinced that he need to be properly baptized into Christ now understanding 1Cor 12:13. Three days after the Great Workshop, I saw him and the duo of Emeka Okenwa and Tom Onah in my house. He broke the news to me that he is ready to start the journey with Christ.
That single decision meant he is willing to forgo the leadership of his denomination and the entire juicy package associated with it to embrace Christ and be added to his body the church. We took his confession and he was baptized into Christ.
Keep him in your prayers and may the good Lord strengthen him to run the race till the end in Jesus Name. His name has been changed from Pastor Joseph Ekpo to Bro Joseph Ekpo. He is now our brother.

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