I love to sing! Do you sing when no one is around to listen? Do the lyrics of a favorite song seem to stick in your mind for days or even months? Did you ever wonder why? Singing is one of the tools God gave us that not only helps us to praise God but also helps us to change our moods from sad to happy. Singing helps us celebrate but also helps us express every good human emotion: joy, sadness, love, concern and motivation. Great songs have rallied nations to accomplish greater things throughout history, especially those nations that came out of oppression into systems of greater individual liberties and freedoms.
PSALMS: Half of the Old Testament Psalms mention singing. Not only do these psalms tell us to sing but they describe the value of singing. Singing makes our hearts rejoice and teaches us thankfulness in all situations in life.
Isaiah tells us to sing to those we love and mentions that singing helps us in the mourning of our lost loved ones. But “sing for Joy” is the phrase that is repeated over and over again throughout the Old Testament. When something good happens “sing for Joy.” When enemies are defeated, or the harvest is plentiful, “sing for Joy” is what God told His people.
New Testament: When the inspired writers of the New Testament told us to sing they used the terms. “make a joyful noise”, “make melody in your hearts”. James tells us “if anyone is thankful let them sing praise to God with their heart.” Paul wrote to the Ephesians and the Colossians that they should “sing a make melody with their hearts…” Christianity is a Heart Religion based on logic, facts and faith. To expand your spiritual life, sing! “If the skies above you are gray, sing and be happy…”

Bill McDonough, Windsong Notes, N. Little Rock, AK

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