Summertime is approaching and with it comes Bible Camp in early June! For several years now our congregation has been involved in sponsoring the youth of the congregation so they can attend the “Heart of Texas Bible Camp” in Brady, TX. We would like to continue this ministry in 2018. In the past some members have chosen to sponsor a child and relieve the church of the cost. If you would like to help in this worthy cause, please talk to one of the elders.

The cost per child is $125.00 which the church will pay for our kids who want to attend.

The sessions are:

Session I (June 3rd-8th) — Ages: 4th — 7th grade

Session 2 (June 10th-15th) — Ages: 8th —12th grade

– Joe


From some Food Pantry/Closet Clients to Highland Lakes church of Christ:

Thank you very much for you agape love, your prayers, your hugs, your words of encouragement. And the yummy food and nice clothes, etc. We love you all! Signed by:  Dorice Miller, Debra, Becky Hellinger, Melinda Moore, the Sotos, DeAnna Hardesty and many more.


Cherokee Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th, 2018.

At 11:30 AM a “Welcome” is extended to the visitors, followed at 12:00, noon, by the delicious BBQ.cherokeeBesides a number of festivities, there is also a formal dedication of the new girls’ cottage, “Liberty Cottage”. Guests are invited to tour the campus. This is also the celebration of 60 years of serving children and families.

A Cherokee flyer is on the bulletin board in the little hall by the Lord’s Supper prep. room.


It’s. . . Sunday, April 29th at Noon! Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship and food.

Hosts & hostess are: Ken & Gail Darnell, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and Myron & Janet Fietz.


Needs – Deodorant, shampoo, bath soap, toothpaste

Thank you for your support for this ministry.

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

Our congregation has been blessed to be involved with the spreading of the gospel in many places. Dear to our heart is the work in Nigeria, West Africa, where we have many connections in God’s work there. It is exciting to hear of Nigerian disciples working so very hard to make more disciples for the kingdom. What follows is a report from Mike Udam, a Nigerian WBS follow-up preacher whom we support, concerning the Great Workshop held in Nigeria this spring. Keep them in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D


The world Bible School great workshop is a four day gathering of preachers who do follow up work for world Bible school and those who use world Bible school materials as evangelism tool. In Nigeria the annual workshop holds once every year and was introduced by an American missionary Doug Wheeler in the early 90s and it has survived till today.

Great Workshop 1This workshop is designed to be a capacity building workshop to develop men to be able to face the challenges of following up on WBS prospective students. It is also a platform for a coordinated evangelism within the location of hosting. The great workshop is the biggest WBS organized workshop not to discuss with students but to discuss with the follow up workers. It is sponsored by congregations in the USA who have WBS follow up workers here in Nigeria.

Between 2015 and 2018, over 30 souls have been won to Christ through this workshop. In Warri 2017, a Muslim was converted into the body of Christ. In 2018 a Pentecostal pastor was converted and a strong follow up team is keeping an eye on him and his denomination.

Another important aspect of the Great Workshop is the equipment of the follow up worker for greater service and functionality. At the end of the workshop participants are usually equipped with a pack containing, Bibles, books, tracts, DVDs/CDs and other study outlines. The pack is accompanied with the workshop book containing lecture notes of the conference.

As the director of the WBS Great Workshop, my responsibilities include coordinating the entire activities before, during and after the workshop. From selecting the theme to appointing the speakers and ensuring that the workshop goes well lies on my table. This year’s workshop had 8 speakers taking topics within a theme REPOSITIONING THE CHURCH FOR HIS SECOND COMING. An American missionary and president of African Christian schools foundation Chad Wagner was one of the guest speakers. 649 participants were registered. Two of the participants came from the Cameroon. 7 souls accepted to obey the gospel and were immersed into Christ.

Great Workshop 2The high point of the 2018 Great Workshop is the unveiling of the newly constructed Nigeria Gospel Chariot. A lot of brethren were excited knowing now that we can storm the rural area with the gospel. The 2019 Great Workshop is scheduled to hold at Mbaise in Imo state of Nigeria.

God bless you

Mike Udam

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