Please check . . . . . . the “Continue to Remember” list and the “In The Military” list periodically, updates are very important! If you think that your name or the name of a loved one needs to be removed (or added), please let the secretary (Helga) know! And as always, a written note or an e-mail is best. Please cut out the “Continue to Remember…” list for your own prayer sessions. We need to reduce this list; of course, continued prayers are very important. Your help is very, very much appreciated!


The group will eat together on Thursday, April 12, 5:30 pm, at the Grand Central Café in Kingsland. The sign-up sheet is on the table in the back of the auditorium.


The 40th Annual Heart of Texas Ladies Retreat on April 27 and 28, takes place at the Heart of Texas Bible Camp in Brady. This year’s topic is: “More Precious Than Rubies” from Proverbs 31. Friday night activities from 6 to 8:45 PM and Saturday activities from 8 AM to 1:15 PM. A Salad supper will be served Friday evening and Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Saturday. The flyer and a sign-up sheet is in the back of the auditorium.


Vicky Parr has been a “member at large” here for many years. She and husband, Jay, had divided their worship attendance between here and the Cherokee church of Christ close to their other home, the ranch in Cherokee. After Jay’s passing, Vicky is now making her home “fulltime” in Kingsland. All her information is in our current directory. Just delete the Ranch address and other info. that does not apply anymore. Welcome, Vicky, as a “new” but familiar and faithful member!

human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES

“And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.” Mark 13:10 (ESV) We have been blessed to have been long time supporters of Gospel Chariot Missions in spreading the gospel in Africa. What follows is part of the 1st quarterly report from Brother George Funk. Please continue to keep this work in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken D

WEST AFRICA Update 2018

Hi Everyone. Hope this finds you doing well. This is the GCM West African report for the first quarter 2018. As mentioned last week, we are going to break the report up into regions due to so much happening and not wanting to bore you with one loooooong report every time. Last week we sent the report for East Africa, this week West Africa and next week will be Southern Africa.

WEST AFRICA There is some exciting news regarding this West African region. The new Nigerian Gospel Chariot is complete and has just started reaching out. We now have 5 gospel chariots working in West Africa, namely Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Here is our goal and prayer for 2019 come 2020. We are in discussions with Isaac Daye to upgrade his mini chariot in Liberia to a Big Gospel Chariot that will then go into, not only Liberia, but Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal and Gambia, Wow! But that is not all, we are also speaking to George Akpabli about going further into the French speaking countries. George has said, if we can help with a Big Gospel Chariot that will be based out of the Ivory Coast, he and other West Africans will then oversee it going into Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea. It is all pie in the sky now, but God loves it when we dream and think ahead and how amazing this would be as we take Africans to reach out to Africa and in this case regions that are very Muslim. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.

GOD IS GREAT AND WORKING THROUGH US ALL NIGERIA The New Nigerian Gospel Chariot is now complete after two years of many issues and how we have learnt not to give up and know that we are not in this alone and that our Heavenly Father goes before us. Below shows the chariot being built in Nigeria and the chariot being commissioned by a public presentation in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, South Eastern in Nigeria. The chariot will be in Calabar, Cross River State, from March 28 till April 4, then it leaves for Aba in Abia State. It will work in Abia from April 5 – 8 and return to base on April 9. Arrangements are in place for the chariot to work with congregations and World Bible School team in Lagos till the end of April. It will then work in Kogi and Abeokuta in May, Akwa Ibom throughout June and Abuja in July.

Amen, PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS NEW GOSPEL CHARIOT…Thank you, thank you to all. To God be the Glory. In Him, Love Brother George Funk

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