An Encouraging Report from Eastern European Missions

For several years now our congregation has been honored to participate in the annual “Million Dollar Sunday” collection for Eastern European Mission (EEM). The report for 2017 has just arrived, and I thought the results were worth sharing. Last year’s goal of 2.3 million dollars was reached and this resulted in Bibles and Bible-related materials being delivered all over Eastern Europe.

Sweet-babyBibles have been sent to Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia and Romania. Many public schools in those areas have been supplied with materials and Bibles for use in the school curriculum. Bibles and related materials have been requested and delivered to 2,200 libraries in Ukraine. 16 Christian Ethics Teacher Training Seminars have also been funded for the public school teachers in Ukraine. A Bible designed for teenagers has been produced in Arabic and Farsi and distributed among Muslim refugees who are flooding into Europe. The final total for last year was nearly 1.2 million Bibles and Bible-related materials sent into Eastern Europe. This represents a 57% increase over the work done in 2016!

What now? We need prayers of thanksgiving to God for His love and power that works through this effort. Pray that these Bibles will find their way into the hands of honest, searching hearts who seek to know the God of Heaven. And don’t forget….there will be a new collection in the Fall of 2018 to fund this good work for another year! Start praying and planning to participate in the EEM offering later this year. – Joe

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