VISITATION PROGRAM Team #1 (leaders: Teri & Joe Winnett) will meet on Wednesday, August 5th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.

footprints-hiBeautiful Footnotes . . .

Many recent studies have indicated a continued great potential for the future growth of Christianity among people in the southern hemisphere. There and in other parts of the world, the Spanish language is the primary means of communication. We have been fortunate, as a congregation, to have partnered for many years with the Worldwide Spanish Literature Ministry whose mission is to support evangelistic efforts through translation, publication and distribution of biblically correct Spanish literature to save souls and glorify God. What follows is from a letter to us from James Satcher, its Director, in Wichita Falls.

“We are so encouraged that you have again blessed us with a gift that will help spread the gospel in the Spanish – speaking world. Please take note with joy to know that we send the material that you enable us to print to every country in South America, every country in Central America, all of Mexico and throughout the Caribbean Islands. Plus we have sent it to Spain, England, Germany and the Philippines.

With your continued help we hope that our literature is your representative sent by a loving heart that is concerned about lost souls. Each tract and study is going to our Hispanic brethren who share your concern. They are dedicated to the work of the Lord. They willingly pass out and share this material as tools that help to reach searching and seeking hearts. Our Hispanic brethren work hard to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20). They continue to need our assistance and want these evangelic tools as they work diligently to obey the Lord’s command. May all of us go and do likewise. Thank you for your kind and generous donation. We are indeed privileged to be your servants in this work.”

Other tools of evangelism, other fellow servants in the work, other souls to bring to our Lord, please pray for this ministry. A Dios sea toda la gloria como él salva a los hombres pecadores. To God be all the glory as He saves sinful men. For the elders, Ken D

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