IMG_0261Sometimes, somebody has a serious problem, a situation that calls for members of the church to pray together in a group. We are hoping for this problem to be worked out in a way that will bring a solution, a solution that we think is best. We hope that GOD will work it out in such a way. Eventually GOD works it out, but we notice that the solution came in quite a different way!

Thinking about this, we notice how often this happens. We serve an amazing GOD indeed! Sometime we grow weary asking about the same thing; sometime we run out of hope and energy and ideas . . . and that seems to be the exact time when GOD shows up with the answer and HE does it in a totally different way. At this particular time in your life: are you praying about a problem that needs to be resolved in a certain way? Do not loose heart! Continue to serve HIM and praise HIM and honor HIM with your life. Expect HIM to work. Wait, then, to see how HE does it. HE is amazing!

By the way, it’s all about motive . . . HE knows your heart. Make sure your requests are pure and according to HIS will. ~~ adapted from an article by Don Crawford, formerly West Erwin church of Christ, Tyler, Texas

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