Our Very Special Visitors Are With Us, Sylvester & Sandra Imogoh!

We say a warm welcome to them and also to Dough & Diane Wheeler! We are looking forward to Sylvester and/ or Doug giving us reports about the work in Nigeria in the combined adult Bible class (auditorium) and we will hear, at least, one of them, preach. We are especially happy that Sandra was finally able to come with Sylvester and we wish them a blessed and safe time during their USA visit.  We will have our monthly fellowship meal immediately after out morning worship with a short devotional following. After that we will be dismissed for the day.


. . . will take place today at noon! Hosts and hostesses are: Pat DeVore, Bob & Doris Foster and Don & Paula Welch. Be sure and stay, it is another good opportunity to visit with the Imogohs and the Wheelers!


Lucille Mayces, who had been a very active member here at Highland Lakes for many years, passed away last Sunday in San Antonio. She had not been well for some time. Graveside services took place on Friday, July 10th, in connection with the Sunset Funeral Home in San Antonio. The family requested, in lieu of flowers, to send donations to Cherokee Home for Children.  We express our love and sympathy to Thelma Thuleen, sister-in-law to Lucille, to Kenneth and all the family and friends. We pray for comfort in the Lord.


A special upcoming need: it’s not too long until school will start again! As we did last year, we want to help some of our Pantry clients with the purchase of school supplies again. If you are willing to help, we are already accepting donations. Please see Ken Darnell or David Zoller if you want to donate to this good cause.


Ever hear of a Gospel Chariot? No, it’s not the model of vehicle that the Apostle Paul drove. It’s another wonderful tool being used to carry the gospel to parts of Africa. These specially outfitted vehicles provide transportation, a preaching and baptism platform for teams of evangelists in various parts of Africa. What follows is a portion of the latest report from Charles Funk, whom our congregation has supported in this work for over 20 years. Keep it in your prayers. — For the elders, Ken D.

Gospel Chariot Missions Second Quarter Report 2015: Hi Everyone, It is a mess this side trying to keep track of all the work and souls being saved through the different gospel chariots! Ha, ha, but it’s a mess you want to have. There have been over 500 souls baptized in the last 3 months and maybe even 600, I give up trying to keep track, but it’s very encouraging. The brethren are networking and becoming more creative with their plans as they roll those chariot wheels. Lord willing, 2,000 souls can be reached this year, a number of congregations planted and many souls taught through the short term schools and leadership training. I am very excited because this is truly a ministry where Africans are evangelizing Africa. The leaders we’re working with are so effective, so competent and so willing and the momentum is building. Thank you Lord. I like to say it this way, “We can’t help everyone with a Gospel Chariot, but every Gospel Chariot can help someone”. AMEN

The new mini chariot in the Western Cape is up and running and the Namibian mini chariot will be completed in a month or so and should be working by September – that will make it 11 Gospel Chariots. Liberia, Big Chariot Ghana, Togo, Benin, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Venda, Cape, Big Chariot 1, Big Chariot 2 and then Namibia coming soon.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL FOR MAKING IT SO HARD TO KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE SOULS BEING SAVED….That is why God adds and God knows. All I know is that God is working through us all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Charles Funk

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