thAnyone who is a Christian knows the importance of winning souls and has a desire to, at least, contribute to evangelism. We all know that nothing in life is more critical than to prepare for eternity. We instinctively know what Jesus meant when He declared, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul” (Mark 8:36). Every funeral we attend, as it reminds us of our own destiny with death, is a presenter of this truth.

While Christians have a desire to see that the gospel is preached, we have to wonder if anyone is willing to listen. Where is the desire to “get religion”? It seems rare today that anyone will even accept an invitation to church, much less be willing to patiently become a student in a personal Bible study.

However, take courage. Lost men can quickly become religious. Acts 27 records just such an example. The apostle was on a voyage to Rome as a prisoner of the state, when a violent storm assailed the ship. The sailors did all their seamanship had taught them to save themselves, but to no avail. The storm continued for many days until all hope was gradually abandoned. It was then that the captain of the ship turned the wellbeing of everyone on board, 275 persons in all, to the guidance of the preacher. And, all listened! All got religion!

It is a shame and waste of valuable time that most of humanity will not do much about religion until they HAVE TO. We are so much like the sailors of this storm-tossed ship who had to prove to themselves that nothing else could be done. It is like man has to be taken to the very edge of destruction before he is inclined to look up.

It is an easily noted phenomenon from history that during major disasters and hardships more turn to religion than ever before. For instance, in the Old Testament, it was always during oppression that Israel would repent and commit to God. In more recent times, after 9-1, thousands turned to God.

So, what about today, in America in 2015? Could it be that we are simply too comfortable and self-reliant? Do we think that we do not need God, that we can make it perfectly well without Him? As a whole, is our society not getting religion because it doesn’t HAVE TO?

If this is the case, and it very much seems likely it is, what we need to pray is that God will cause whatever it takes to wake us up. We need to pray that God, if necessary, will turn up the heat of trials in the lives of the lost and turn them to the church that will stand ready to give hope.

“Whatever it takes, God, give us the opportunity to speak Your gospel to ears that will listen. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” ~~ Floyd Kaiser, Southwest church of Christ’ Ada, OK


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