Dear Elders and Members of the Highland Lakes Church:

The first thing that I want to tell you is “Thank You.” Your kindness has meant more to me and my family than you will ever know.

I especially wanted to tell you that what has stood out from the time I first met y’all almost ten years ago, was your unconditional friendliness and the love of Christ that shines in you. It is you that I am thankful for. And thank you for the love that you have shown my children. That means more than any physical gift that you could ever give.

Love, Tanya & Scott Arnold, Brianna, Jessica, and Angela

*Tanya’s note is posted on the bulletin board at the back of the auditorium.


The Ladies class had their first meeting of the New Year last Wednesday and resumed their study of Proverbs. Eleven ladies attended Lesson 12 is for next week’s study. All ladies are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Gail Darnell will be teaching the class the next six weeks.


Our clients are in need of personal hygiene products such as: shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth-brushes and soap.

S.N.A.C.K. or Supplemental Nutrition Aiding Cambodian Children.

This is one of our collective monthly mission works but did you know that we can give individually and assist this program further? $8.00 provides a child with 20 nutritious snacks each month. Sharon Welch is the director of this program. She and Dennis, her husband, visited with us last Sunday and provided an update on the ongoing work. If you want additional information you can contact Sharon at jesuswantsu2@yahoo.com or telephone USA 817-710-6195. There is also an avenue to give online at graceforcambodia.org. Please see the Missions bulletin board for a brochure containing additional information.

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1 Response to JANUARY 11, 2015 WEEKLY NEWS

  1. Greetings Highland Lakes Church of Christ,
    Sharon and I thank all of you at Highland Lakes for your continuing faithfulness in supporting the Lord’s work in Cambodia, especially in helping us teach the Bible to many, plant churches and bless the poor, malnourished through the SNACK Program. We have developed a new website that we think you will enjoy. It has some fun photos and videos on the Gallery page and also has a blog. Give it a peek at: http://www.snackprogramcambodia.org. We hope you will subscribe to email updates about the SNACK Program.
    Please pray for us, our work, and these precious children!
    Striving with you to bring the whole holistic gospel to Cambodian children,
    Dennis & Sharon

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