These numbers are beginning to sound like something out of a Sci-Fi movie that I watched in the 1950’s as a kid! Nevertheless, here we are in 2015!

Of course, New Years for most of us are nothing new. We start get-ting our tax forms in the mail. We have to learn to write our checks with the proper year again. And as Christians, we consider where we have been and where we are going.

On balance, I believe we have much to be encouraged about. Our budget/contribution is strong which allows us to fund our many works both local and international. World Bible School continues to thrive as we continue to have the privilege of teaching thousands in Nigeria, West Africa.

Last but certainly not least, our community pantry continues to be a bright spot in our community for those in need. Many who thought this church was just a building have come to know the loving faces of those who use this building to serve Christ! So, come on 2015…we anticipate the changes and opportunities you will bring!!!  – Joe


As life goes onward day by day,

Let each one to his conscience say

That flesh is weak but God is strong,

That right is right and wrong is wrong.

That I have found my workday flies,

But therein all my life’s hope lies.

That on life’s upward path I’ll run,

My face forever to the sun.

That I shall do my best today

Not let one moment waste away;

And, as I travel on life’s road

I’ll try to share a brother’s load.

That force has power, but love has more;

That peace is mightier than war;

That real success is only won

By deeds of kindness one has done.

Bulletin Digest

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