Many years ago, a great meteor shower could be seen from the Southeastern United States. Nothing like this meteor shower had ever been witnessed by those that had the privilege to so see it. In fact, it scared people. People that saw this great event began thinking that the world was about to end. They thought the skies were quite literally falling out of the heavens. On one particular boat, an old grizzled captain told his men not to worry. He told them that he had his eye on the North Star and that as long as it was in the sky they would be ok. This old captain had come to rely heavily on the North Star to guide his ship safely across the seas. He put his faith and his trust in that star and he knew he was safe as long as that particular star could still be seen.

This old captain can teach Christians an important lesson today. As long as our great star is still standing, we have nothing to fear. I don’t think we have to ask ourselves who the Christian’s great star is. It is Jesus Christ! As the North Star pointed the way for sailors, so Christ is directing our path here on earth and with this eventually home (John 14:1-6). As the North Star stands out in the night sky, Christ stands apart from all other men that have ever lived on this earth (Hebrews 4:14-16). As the North Star is constant and immovable, Christ remains the same in a world full of change (Jude 3).

Recognizing Christ in this way is easy. However, it is not enough to simply recognize Christ as our great guide in heaven; we must be willing to put our entire faith in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world. Imagine the amount of faith the old captain in our story had in the North Star. When others believed the entire world was collapsing down on them, he knew things were ok because of one star. In today’s world, Christians can become overwhelmed by the things that confront us. Often times Christians lose their faith when things begin to crumble around them. When fear and desperation are taking root in your heart, it is vital that you take a lesson from an old captain trying to reassure his crew during a great meteor shower…keep your eye on the star (Philippians 4:6-9)! — BULLETIN DIGEST

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