As is our good habit, we send cookies to the Cherokee Home for Children for their Holiday Party (December 14th). The Ladies Class will pack them up on Wednesday, December 3rd. (Vicky Parr will take them to the Home). After this activity, the ladies will be working on the KID’S CRAFT DAY project, which will be on December 13th. Members, please bring your cookie contribution before Wednesday, Dec. 3rd to the Fellowship Room. They may be store-bought cookies or home-made ones. All of them are welcome and thankfully accepted.


This combination November/December Fellowship Meal is scheduled after Sunday’s evening service on December 7th. As usual, we will have our covered dish meal, and we will once again have collected stuffed animals (no sewn-on eyes!) and children’s books for Seton Care-A Van.  Come join in the fun, food and fellowship!


Everybody is cordially invited to the Open House at Brenda & Cary Miller’s, 1822 Bluebonnet Lane, on Thursday, December 11th, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. We appreciate so much the Miller’s opening their home to us for this excellent and delicious fellowship. Come and enjoy!


The Ladies Bible Class is sponsoring a KID’S CRAFT DAY on Saturday, December 13th from 9:30 to 11:30 AM in the fellowship area. All children from the congregation and the neighborhood are invited to come make a gift (and wrap it) to give someone. We would welcome any volunteers who would like to help, especially we need some guys and ladies to greet the parents and enjoy some coffee & cookies with them while their kids are busy. Please pray for this outreach to the community and invite all the kids you are in contact with.


Currently only peanut butter is needed!


Hack Sexton’s sister, Jolene Collins, passed away on Thanksgiving Day, November 27th. She had lived in Ozark, Arkansas, and had had health struggles for a very long time. Funeral arrangements were unknown last week. Our heartfelt prayers, our condolences and love go out to Hack and to all the family and friends

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