2,071 public schools have requested that Churches of Christ supply Bibles for their 317,000 students. 27 universities have requested Bibles for their 24,000 college-age students. These Bibles will be used as textbooks in the classroom!

Sadly, this is not happening in the USA…but it is happening right now in the Ukraine, a former part of the Soviet Union. Ukraine is having serious problems with its young people who have been taught atheistic evolution under communism. Alcoholism, sexual assault, theft and lying have all reached epidemic levels among the youth of Ukraine. The leaders of Ukraine have decided that evolution cannot teach their children to be ethical…but the Bible can! A door of opportunity has been opened for us to reshape the next generation in Ukraine.

eem_mini_banner_horizontalOur brethren are trying to meet this need through the efforts of Eastern European Mission (EEM) which has set a goal of $1,000.000 to be raised in Churches of Christ on Sunday, September 28th, 2014. Our congregation will be having a special contribution on that Sunday in order to help this noble effort. Please pray about this and start planning now to be generous as we put Bibles in public schools and universities of Ukraine. One day, Lord willing, we may be able to do something like this for the children of America! — Joe

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