A Warm Welcome to guest speaker on Sunday, August 31, 2014!

Kirk Eason is the director of the Developmental Southern Africa Bible College. He will be speaking to our combined Bible classes, and preach during worship. We are looking forward to what he will have to share with us.

Since we want our guest speaker to be with us at our monthly Fellowship Meal today, the elders have decided to change it, this time only, to a luncheon, right after our morning assembly. Hosts and hostesses are: Ken & Gail Darnell, Bob & Doris Foster and Larry & Evelyn Moore.

A devotional will follow the luncheon and we will not have the regular 5 PM worship assembly!

With Sympathy

Teri Winnett’s nephew, Michael D. Harville II, was killed Friday morning, August 22nd, in an automobile accident in TN. Services took place on Wednesday in Centerville, TN, and were handled by McDonald’s Funeral Home in Centerville.  Our hearts and love go out with special prayers for Mike & Cookie Harville, Michael’s parents, as well as Teri and Joe Winnett, and the rest of the family. May God comfort all in their sorrow.

Members the address of Michael’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Harvill, if you would like to send a condolence message, is available from the church office.

With Sympathy

Mary K. and Bill Flanary were notified by Mary K.’s sister, Judy Tincher, on Wednesday about the tragic death of Judy and Ronnie Tincher’s granddaughter, Andrea, in the Kansas City area. This precious 13 year old soul took her own life after being bullied by fellow classmates over the internet. Andrea was laid to rest at a private, family attended funeral service.  Our prayers and loving condolences go out to grandparents Judy and Ronnie Tincher and the mother, Anne, to Mary K. and Bill Flanary and to all in the family.

Members the address of Andrea’s grandparents, Ron & Judy Tincher, if you would like to send condolence messages, is available from the church office.

Thank You

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your support during the loss of my cousin.  Your thoughts and prayers helped so much. We love you, James & Vicky Williams

Ladies Class

Ladies, our class starts up on Wednesday, September 10th, at 10 AM in the Fellowship Room. We will have a luncheon and discuss the upcoming curriculum. If you haven’t attended Ladies Class before, this is a good time to make this a part of your weekly routine.

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