Dear brethren at Highland Lakes,

We continually praise God because of your faith and steadfastness in supporting our work among the children in Cambodia. The SNACK Program continues to serve about 2200 different children in impoverished rural villages. But, there is more…

Recently, we received two interns for the summer to help serve the children. They have been a huge blessing to everyone. Please join us in a prayer of praise for God’s providence to the ministry.

We have saved the best news for last. We now have a dedicated evangelism team as part of the SNACK Program. They have started a new church in their home in the city. They are currently studying with 32 families in the SNACK Villages. And, they have started a new church in a SNACK village where no church existed before.

From our hearts we beg you to pray that the Word of the Lord, the Good News about Jesus will continue to sound forth from our lips with great boldness and love.

Praising God along with you, Sharon & Dennis


Toothpaste, tooth brushes, and bar soap, canned meats, such as chicken, tuna, beef stew etc. are needed. Currently, no plastic bags or egg cartons are needed.

In the CLOTHING AREA: good, useable items are always welcome.

Clients at the Food Pantry had questions about school supplies. We feel that this would be a good continuation of our Food and Clothing Pantry. We will not be using the Pantry funds for this project. If you would like to be a part of getting these children off to a good start, please give your donations to either Ken Darnell or David Zoller.  Remember school will start soon!


It takes place this Sunday evening after our worship hour. Hosts and hostesses are: Bill & Mary K. Flanary, Cary & Brenda Miller and Larry & Evelyn Moore. Are you a visitor? We invite you to stay for this enjoyable meal together. You will be our very special guest!


John Griffith’ younger brother, David Griffith, passed away on Thursday, July 17th. He was 90 years old and lived in Huntsville, Arkansas. Services were held on Monday, July 21st, in Huntsville. Our heartfelt love, prayers and condolences go out to John, family and friends.

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