“How’s life?” someone will ask. “How are things?” “Well, you know…I’ve got this worry. I’ve got this concern, I’ve got this stress. My car is not fast enough. My portfolio isn’t that impressive enough. I couldn’t find a good parking lot at my favorite restaurant and had to walk 50 feet. I can’t take that trip to Europe until next year…”

So, somehow, we, the ransomed people of God, those who have been saved, resurrected from lifeless life, by and through the cross and resurrection of Jesus, somehow, the body of Christ can’t see past the end of our noses.

Somehow, we are blind to the transformative reality we’ve encountered in Jesus and we immerse ourselves in the world rather than the Kingdom.

Consider the emotion of God. The heart of God. How do we think God feels when His chosen ones share posts on Facebook that are worldly in nature, even unholy? Go and look at your wall (yes, the social media!) and see what it reveals about you! What it reveals about you is what you are. What it reveals about you is what is important to you.

Maybe this is not you. Ok. But let’s look into another area. What do you talk to your friends about? What directions do your conversations take? Our conversations and where we go with those, say a great deal about where our hearts are. “Out of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45). What does your mouth say about your heart? Do you spend more time talking about the weather or Jesus? The stock market or the Kingdom? Obama-care or the God who cares?

It is hard to soar with the eagles when you are clucking with the chickens.

Is the glass half empty or half full? Because for those who follow Jesus, it’s supposed to be overflowing! May we glorify God with our thoughts, words and lives. ~~ Jason Reeves

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