J. J. (Jannette) Johnston, age 86, passed away on Thursday, June 5th. She was a member here and had lived at Kingsland Care Center for the last 3 years. Due to failing health, she was unable to attend our services for a long time. She is survived by two daughters and many grand and great-grandchildren. Graveside services were arranged and conducted by Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home last Monday, June 9th, at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Burnet. Our love and prayers go out to the family and friends of J.J. If memorial gifts are made, the family requests that they go to Cherokee Home for Children.

We heard that former member, Sue Allen, had passed away on Friday, June 6th. Arrangements were unknown at the time. Sue had lived in Arizona for a number of years before her death. We are praying for God’s comfort and love on the family.


If you are interested in having a copy of the recorded music we have used on end of the month singing nights, it is available. You will need a computer to use this particular recording. Talk with Ken Darnell if you are interested.


VISITATION PROGRAM Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, June 18th, at 6:30 pm in the Library for their assignments.


The Central Texas Bible Teachers Workshop will take place July 18-19 at the Cameron Road Church of Christ, 60143 Cameron Road in Austin, TX. The title of this workshop is, “Creating Citizens for Heaven” and it is for teachers, ministers, and church leaders.

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