A Name for Our Food Pantry

We are considering a more concise name for our Food Pantry work in order to better promote it in our area. Ideally, this name would help local businesses and individuals to understand that they are welcome to donate goods and services to the community through us. If you have a name suggestion that would easily fit on a business card, please share your thoughts with Joe or David and Sheri Zoller.

All the Men of the Congregation . . .

are invited to meet in the Fellowship Room on Saturday, January 25th, at 9:00 am, for breakfast, prayer and fellowship. If there are any special prayer requests from the members, please let the elders know ahead of time.

Food Pantry Needs

What is currently needed: personal hygiene products and also spaghetti for the many cans of spaghetti sauce we have. Peanut butter and plastic bags are not needed at this time.

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