Our Sympathy is extended to the Richard Schilling family in Burnett. Richard passed away on Thursday. He was the father of David & Sheri Zoller’s, son-in-law, Shane Schilling, who is married to their daughter Melanie.   Funeral services took place on Sunday afternoon. Our prayers are for divine comfort for all the family and friends, as they are dealing with the death of their loved one.

Welcome, New Members!

Last Sunday, Kynn & Jan Maxwell let us know that they want to be identified as members of our congregation here at Highland Lakes. They formerly attended the Westside church of Christ in Midland, Texas. We are so glad, Kynn & Jan, that you decided to be part of our fellowship, to worship and to work with us!   Please call the church office for address information to put in your directories.

Birthdays:   Kynn — 07/2 and Jan — 02/13   Anniversary:  06/11/1972

News from the Food Pantry

In January, additional volunteers are needed at the Food Pantry, because at the beginning of the year our clients will have to be re-registered. Those extra volunteers are needed to help with the paper work. This is for the first three Tuesdays in January only. Please, let Sheri Zoller know as soon as possible. Your assistance is very much appreciated.   In regard to what is currently needed: personal hygiene products and also spaghetti for the many cans of spaghetti sauce we have. Peanut butter and plastic bags are not needed at this time.

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