2013 10 26 IPhone 007A man once stated that one of the greatest disappointments of his childhood was when he saw a tent going up. He thought it was a circus, but upon investigation, he discovered it was a revival meeting. He further stated that one of the greatest disappointments of his adult life came when he saw several Christians putting up a tent.  He thought it was a revival service, but upon further investigation discovered it was little more than a circus.

Have you noticed lately how reverence has given way to merriment, fear has given way to familiarity, congregational singing has given way to performances, Bible teaching has given way to drama, and preaching the gospel has given way to after dinner speeches in the assemblies of the saints? Nearly anything and everything that brings applause, draws a crowd, increases the contribution, satisfies the young people, and has been “baptized” to being sanctioned by some churches today.

However, is there not a sanctity and sacredness to worship that cannot be sacrificed on the altar of entertainment and cultural relevancy? I for one believe there is.  No question about it, the circus has come to town! But this is one circus I don’t plan to attend.

“. . .if then I am the Father, where is My honor? And if I am a Master, where is My reverence? Says the LORD of hosts. . .” (Malachi 1:6)  Service or Circus?  Paul Nygard, Camden Ave. Church of Christ, Parkersburg, WV

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