Widows’ End-of Year Relief Appeal—2013

Dear Brethren,

This is another appeal on behalf of the widows in my area of work — which is comprised of the five counties of the Northern end of Edo state (there are a total of 18 counties in Edo state; my work covers five and some part of a sixth county). In the past two years, some of the widows on my list have died, but some have also been added — as a result of the death of some men and the conversion of some who are already widows. Right now, we still have about 89 widows on the list. From of these, we now have seven widows less (those who have received the mills and machines we recently purchased). But that still leaves some 82 who need attention.

The plan is, if we have help, we want to buy some food for these widows before the end of this year. This (Xmas) time is usually a very hard period for most Nigerians. First of all, that would be the dry season—when food supply is naturally short. And with the combined effect from the flooding that has affected Nigeria for the second year in a row, and then we KNOW that it would be harder for most people.

We did this last year, and the result was great. We hope you would avail us of some money this year again, so that we can give some more relief to these helpless ones among us in the brotherhood.

In the light of the above, I am sending this appeal to you at this time again — to ask your financial support for this work.

If you have anything to send for this purpose, then please, contact Douglas M. Wheeler at the Westside church of Christ in Norman, OK.

I am praying for your favorable consideration of this appeal. I am counting on you!!! Thank you very much!!!   In Christian love, Sylvester

(Sylvester works with our congregation in spreading the Gospel in his native country of Nigeria, in West Africa).

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