To my mind, one of the things that proves to me that the Bible is the word of God, is its view of life and death. It gives an honest approach to living. There are no myths, no fairy tales, and in many cases no happy endings. As an example, David a man after God’s own heart failed as a father, his own children suffering for his failures. Yet in God’s Word the text deals with the greatness and the failures of David’s live in an honest and realistic way, and also with the lives of others of God’s people.

The Bible shows us how to live and the results of not living that way. It speaks of consequences, salvation and condemnation; it presents joy and great sorrow. It then goes on with the story. Think how our news media would deal with some story in the Bible, such as Adam and Eve being forced out of the garden! It would be on the five o’clock news, the ten o’clock news, and the story would run for at least a week or more. In God’s Holy Word its briefness is a sign of its divine nature.

The Bible remains a number one best seller and yet the least read volume in the world. Let it not be that way in your house! Read and study it and follow its precept and be wise. Floyd C. Johnson – Huntington Park church of Christ, Shreveport, LA

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