2013 05 19 IPhone 002Sometimes smaller churches make the mistake of thinking that they cannot do much for the cause of Christ. We assume that limited numbers and limited resources means we can only have limited results. This is not true! Allow me to share with you the opening lines of a recent letter from Doug Wheeler who has just returned from his annual trip to Nigeria . . . “Dear brethren, I want to thank you for your support and the great interest you have in Nigerian evangelism! I must say that you are one of the leading congregations in INFLUENCE for Christ and His church in Nigeria, BECAUSE of your WBS (World Bible School) program you have going on in Nigeria through Sylvester Imogoh . . . How does that make you feel? You ought to feel honored and blessed that Christ is doing such a significant work through us! As a small child I loved to throw a pebble into a pond and watch the ripples move out over the entire surface. I was fascinated that something so small could affect something so large. Who would have ever thought that the little ole Highland Lakes church of Christ would be one of the leading churches in the world to have an influence on the entire nation of Nigeria? Brethren . . . let’s keep the ripples going . . . it’s having a great impact for the Lord! — Joe

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