2013 05 19 IPhone 001Upcoming Events:

May 19th:  during the Sunday morning assembly, our guest speaker, Jordan Fontenot, accompanied by those of his family who came with him, will give a report about his mission trip to Jamaica in Bible class and he will also preach at the worship hour. Jordan is the grandson of one of our elders, Claude Fletcher. It is always a pleasure to have Jordan with us and hear his reports and good lessons.

May 22nd: VISITING FOR THE MASTER Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, at 6:30 pm in the Library for their visitation program assignments.

May 25th: Men’s Prayer Breakfast at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Room (all men and male guests are invited).

May 26th :   in the absence of Joe Winnett, Charles Greenawalt (in the morning) and Ken Darnell (in the evening) will fill the pulpit.

Joe and Teri will be in Drumright, Oklahoma, on that day. An old hatbox with about 250 letters from two soldiers in WWII, addressed to their parents, Mr. & Mrs. E.H. Harvill in Drumright, had been sold at an estate sale 15 years ago. The buyer of the old hatbox, Pamela Gilliland, had been unaware of its contents when she first bought it, but finally investigated it and decided to enlist, about a week ago, a history buff, Doug Eaton, to find out more about those letters. It turned out that the two soldiers, writers of the letters, were brothers, Robert and Eural (Dale) Harvill, Dale being Teri’s father. Those letters will be turned over to Teri on the 26th, who will certainly enjoy reading them, giving her an insight into the experiences and thinking of her Dad and Uncle in the war, and also coming in contact with the memory of a different era in our nation.

May 26th: Fellowship Meal hosted by Janet & Myron Fietz, Josie & Adam Garcia and Vicky & James Williams.

June 5th: Memorial service for Michael Garrison, the son of Sam Garrison at 10 a.m. at our building.

June 12th: Deacons’ meeting combines with Elders/Preacher meeting.


News from the Food Pantry

A generous amount of money was given to the Food Pantry, a memorial to honor Eddie Savage, the late brother of Brenda Miller. This contribution is gratefully accepted by the Food Pantry and is very helpful in defraying the cost of the food that is being purchased from the Food Bank and from other places. Thank you!

Items that are needed at our Food Pantry:

 Personal hygiene products

 Canned meat

 Peanut butter

At the present time, hold back on the egg cartons!

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