Where Men Meet God

 I read of a man who was driving through the country side and saw a small church building with a sign out front. Beneath the church’s name were the words, “Where Men Meet God.”

The true purpose of worship is to keep in touch with God, the giver of life. Worship is to sense the presence of God, to recognize His majesty and holiness, and to respond to Him in loving obedience.

Worship is also performed daily when we meet our obligations with the spirit of Christ. But there must be a time when we engage in public or corporate worship. It is a great privilege and should be taken with serious involvement and responsibility. We should be concerned about expressing reverence, awe, respect and love for God as we come before Him in worship.

God is present, in the audience when we worship Him! It can be that some consider themselves spectators and view those leading in worship as actors! Just remember, no one can sing, pray, listen, eat, or give for you.

We cannot meet God in worship where:

People do not sing

Children perform cute tricks to the delight of others

Children crying and parents in and out

The nursery and training room are unused

People crowd the back seats and are inattentive.

This is what true worship is all about – God and man – the getting together. Could it be that we sometimes forget the purpose of the assembly?  The Lord is in His holy temple: Let all the earth keep silence before him. (Habakkuk 2:20)

— Bill Blackstone

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