June 03, 2012 – This Weeks News

We Congratulate . . . . . . Tina Brewer!

Tina was chosen “Teacher of the Year” at Highland Lakes Elementary School in Granite Shoals. She had been teaching second grade this year, next year she will be educating the fourth graders. We are proud of you, Tina; we hope and pray that you will continue to have the strength and fortitude to deal with all the things a teacher has to deal with, next year and as long as you will be teaching.

Adult Summer Bible Class Series:

“The Christian’s Everyday Problems”!  This coming Wednesday, Joe Winnett will speak on the subject of “The Problem of Self-Imprisonment”.

All these lessons are based on biblical principles and they work if we implement them into our daily lives. Be sure and set some time aside and attend. It could just make a great difference in your life!

Visiting For the Master

Visitation Team #1, Team Leaders:  Teri & Joe Winnett, will meet on Wednesday, June 6th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Library for their assignments.

Can You Help?

Janet Moreno, the sister of Josie Garcia, has moved here with her husband and small son. She is looking for house cleaning jobs. Her phone number is 662-402-7882.

Food Pantry Needs!

The Food Pantry is still in need of peanut butter, canned meats and pork & beans.  Your help is very much appreciated!

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