Appreciation for the Appreciators

Wow! What a great day May 25th was! Our Teacher & Public Servants Appreciation Breakfast was wonederfully successful. The brethren in Llano had a record-breaking crowd and we did too!  I literally lost count of all the sincere “thank you’s” that our guests shared with us.  Of course, the reason for this great success was the Lord working through His people . . . the Church. I want to express my deep appreciation to every cook, host, hostess and “eater – greeter”. Your dedication and hard work is what makes this breakfast such a great success year after year. Each time we do this, we become acquainted with new people from our community. Hopefully, we are able to show them some of the joy, friendliness and love that is found in Christ!

Joe Winnett

P.S. I like the decorator too!

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.”— Romans 12:10

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