Erica Mae Quick, the granddaughter of former members, Georgia & Charlie Jones, and only child of daughter Patricia Quick, passed away on November 27th. Our sympathy, prayers and love go out to the family. We pray that God will be their comfort in this time of grief.


Teri and I would like to thank the congregation for the wonderful card filled with holiday cheer that was presented to us at the Holiday Fellowship meal. It is a joy to serve in this thoughtful, spiritual family!

Joe & Teri Winnett

Our Holiday Fellowship meal is always a special time of the year. We enjoy each other in a very special way, the food is delicious, and the congregation shows in a special way its love and appreciation for others. The contents of the “special envelope” was very much appreciated by us, Helga & Bill Blackstone!

We thank you!

Thank you, Leana Futrell, for the delicious cookies for everyone that we found last Sunday on the table in the back of the auditorium!  Also, thanks to all who served and made our fellowship enjoyable: the cooks, hosts & hostesses, Santa and his elves and all who had prepared in the background and all who participated. It made for a successful time together!

“We are deeply grateful for all the love and support that was shown during our time of loss. We are thankful for the prayers that we have received. We take comfort in knowing that Dad is with our Lord.”

The Family of Billy Hazlewood


From Sunday, December 11th (today) through Sunday, December 25th, we will be

taking up a special collection for World Christian Broadcast to be sent off on Tuesday, December 27th. Our generosity will help to reach many lost souls in this world! Thank you!


Henry Kattner has a new phone number and it can be obtained by calling the church office.

Please change this information in your directory.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com


Last Sunday we were blessed to be updated on the work of World Christian Broadcasting by Andy Baker. He left us a list of prayer requests they asking if we would each pray over this list of things that can be accomplished in 2023 as the Lord blesses this work. Would you pray and share this with others and ask for their prayers also in support? For the elders, Ken D

We want to begin programming in the Korean language into North Korea. Sang Yang, who lives in South Korea, and his team are putting together programs right now to begin Korean broadcasts in early 2023. Using the Internet or mobile devices to learn about Jesus can be extremely dangerous to many Korean people, but shortwave broadcasts cannot be monitored by the government. We have had our first-year expenses raised and now need to raise supports for year two.

Our Portuguese broadcasts enters year five. We want to raise this year’s support up front. – We need to make some routine maintenance repairs to the 40-year-old antennas in Alaska and our antennas in Madagascar.

We have a very small staff writing and recording 49 fresh hours of programming every week. We need to add “stringers” for each of our language services to write programs and do additional study and research to help our seven language senior producers. Funds are needed to offset the doubling of our diesel fuel prices in Madagascar.  – Our electric costs in Alaska are $750 per day and are diesel fuel costs in Madagascar is now $1000 per day.  Our goal is to raise $2 million over the last two months of 2022. Would you prayerfully think about helping us?

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