Today, we welcome Clyde Slimp from the Eastern European Missions as our guest speaker. We are looking forward to his report about the work of EMM, during Bible class, and his message during our worship hour. Starting today, November 13th until November 27th, we will take up a collection for this very important mission work.


Ken & Gail Darnell ask you to rejoice with them and their family in the baptism of their oldest granddaughter, Natalie, on November 7th by her dad at the Cedar Hill Church of Christ. We are rejoicing with Natalie and her family and wish God’s richest blessing on her now and in her future.


 Our Holiday Fellowship Meal takes place on Sunday, December 4th, after our worship assembly.

 Again, we will collect stuffed animals and dolls (with no loose parts, please!) to be sent to the Care-A-Van to help and comfort young children who are experiencing difficult times in a hospital. Deadline for this collection is November 30th!

 Every year we send cookies to Cherokee Home for Children for their Holiday Party. Store bought cookies are preferred by the children. The Ladies class will pack the cookies up on November 30th! Bring either collection to the fellowship room.

 During the December fellowship, the congregation’s staff will be recognized with a Holiday Gift. Contributions can be given to Norma Bryan or Cary Miller. Thank you!


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

We are excited to receive a lengthy missionary report from the Emperados in the Philippines. Due to its length, it will be posted in parts. This is part five of five, the final part of this report. Please keep this work in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Photo by Richard Emperado

At the end of November, after Thanksgiving and the girls’ birthday, I will be heading to Guimares to visit the church planted in Jordan with the help of Austin Avenue back in 2018. A lot was bought there with Austin Avenue’s help back in 2019. We hope with the help of Austin Avenue to help them start building their chapel at the beginning of 2023. We will work on the plans and schedules.

From there, I will travel to Calapan, Mindoro to partner with Dr. Eleazar Pastor, who started a college down in Mindanao. He is the president and a professor. Calapan, the capital of Mindoro was where the first Church of Christ was planted in the Philippines almost a 100 years ago, around 1925. Now, the church is almost non-existent. We will try and make an initial survey, try to find some old church members, and while there, Dr. Pastor and I will conduct a Marriage Enrichment Seminar & New Life Behavior Seminar to generate contacts.

When I am done in Mindoro, I will drive & put my vehicle on a ferry boat to Luzon, and visit more churches we have planted in the past in Lipa City, Tarlac City, Cabanatuan City, & Ilagan City (northern most part of Luzon). These places are far from each other, but I will do my best to visit as many churches as I can while up north. As long as I am home a few days before Christmas, Becky will not “kill” me and still make me a pecan pie! Hee! Hee!

Please pray for the works going on around the country, especially in Bato, Jordan, Masbate, and new opportunities in Mindoro. The government restrictions that all of us in the Philippines had to live with over the past two years due to COVID has really hurt so many churches. We pray that God will give us the strength to help restore & revitalize the churches we planted, and to help them be churches who go forth planting more churches. Thank you all for your love and support through these hard times we faced during COVID. Thank you for your patience and understanding about how the work had to shift and adapt during COVID times. We still have two churches to plant in capital cities- San Jose, Antique & Basco, Batanes. All the funds needed for the church plantings were raised at the beginning of 2020. We hope to be able to make plans for those church planting to happen next year.

Much Love, Richard, Becky, and Kids (5of5 2562)

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