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“Hello . . . Yes . . . Oh, you‘re Johnny‘s teacher. I‘ve been meaning to call you . . . No, he isn‘t planning to be in school this year. You see, he had so much work to do at the church – school lessons, church services, youth activities and such take up his time; then there are daily devotionals at home and other interests, so there isn‘t much time left for school . . .

―Well, yes, I know that school is important, and I know that you are doing a fine job with the kids in this community — and I‘ve been intending to write a letter of appreciation to the school, I surely would hate to live in a place where there were no schools . . .

―To tell the truth, Johnny didn‘t like school too well last year. Besides all those examinations, having to bring home a report card showing his progress was embarrassing to him. He suffered some psychological effects because so many girls are attending school, he thought he was a ‘sissy‘, so he decided he would not attend this year . . .

―Am I making him go? Of course, I‘m not! I knew a family once that made their child go, and he wound up hating school. I don‘t think his educational growth will be harmed. I will use my influence to get him to attend football games, plays etc. . . .When hunting season is over, his father will be able to take him. I really think the old methods of education are outdated anyway . .

―Yea, if he were to decide that he wanted to return to school, it would be alright with me, I just want this decision to be his.”

~~ This article appeared in the San Jacinto Church of Christ Bulletin, October 31, 1979, by ―Author unknown.

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