Due to the diminished images by our auditorium projector and its anticipated replacement within a few weeks, we will be conducting our song services without the projector for the next several weeks. Please use the songbooks and follow the song leader as we worship together. Thanks for your help and understanding.


“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”” Romans 10:15

Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

Recently our brother, Richard Emperado went to Salug, Zamboanga, Philippines to speak on the three days to both young people and adults, it is estimated there were around 400 participants. What follows are his report/photos of that trip. Keep evangelism in the Philippines in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Photo by Richard Emperado

1) Speaking at a youth encounter in Salug, Zamboanga del Norte with almost 300 young people from all over Zamboanga peninsula.

Photo by Richard Emperado

2) While in Salug doing the youth encounter, I was also asked to be a guest at a college graduation and delivered the closing remarks impromptu. “NEVER underestimate HUMBLE beginnings”, was my theme when I addressed the graduating class yesterday at ZAMSULA college, I think they liked it, in the middle of my speech I’ve heard applause. I told them don’t let others ( especially the negative ones) “define” you! YOU can go the DISTANCE, live your dreams and be the BEST you could be! ZAMSULA is not a very big college but with great potentials led by its truly visionary president Dr. Eleazar Pastor who is also a brother in the Lord.

Photo by Richard Emperado

3) A Self-discovery session among the young people, this is a six-hour intensive awareness of oneself and awareness of others. I don’t lecture but facilitate and “process” their pains, trauma, and struggles. So many tears were shed, strangers became friends, from bitterness to catharsis. Everyone felt like a “deep thorn” had been pulled out from their aching heart. After the sixth hour the group decided to hold once a month this group dynamic session through zoom and invite me in the system. My opinion is, we need more young people in the church to go through self-discovery process. It is empowering!

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